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Starting my coaching business

March 30th, 2015

March 30, 2015


Starting a business is like starting a blog.


There really is a lot of decision-making before the whole money-making activity can even begin. Who are my potential clients? What is my product? How is it unique from the hundreds, or even thousands of other similar products? How much time and money am I going to invest on each part of the business? Then there’s the marketing aspect. How am I going to reach my potential clients? That’s where a blog, this blog in my case, comes in. I start this blog just as I set up a website and then printed some marketing material.


This past month I have become an “Einzelunternehmer”, a sole owner of a coaching business to Expats. I am legal in the eyes of the Swiss government, and it feels very good. It’s like a stamp of approval. Because I am sole owner with no employees everything was very simple to organize and keep under control. It took just a few minutes to download the forms from the cantonal department of economic and business affairs. I then had to bring it to my town all, our “Gemeindehaus”. There it was signed before the notary, stamped and sent off to the cantonal office. After a kind phone call from Aarau, everything was set and I only had to pay the registrationfee to make the company legal.


Of course, then one still has to fill out the social security (AHV) forms and estimate how much one might earn for tax purposes. The estimation was quite a challenge for me, but the town administrative manager (“Gemeindeschreiber”) was very helpful with this and for that I am planning on bringing him a chocolate Easter Bunny this week.


Now that I am legal, I have started to consider what kind of organizations I will be a part of. There are the professional organizations: and but I am considering the Swiss Women’s Business Owners’ Association (“Verband Frauenunternehmen”, VFU for short) as the organization to join.


I found the VFU yesterday at the Women’s Expo in Zürich Oerlikon. Lisa Chuma did a wonderful job of organizing the event. There I met a few friends, made a few connections, and found out about the VFU. All in all, the Expo was quite productive for me. For this I heartily thank Lisa and her team. Besides all the business stands there were wellness, fashion, Swiss-made food, crafts, clothing, and to top it off, sweetly decorated umbrellas for the journey home, as it was a rainy afternoon. One of the best serendipitous happenings at the Expo was running into Diana Kuebler at the Children First stand . Her company serves children as of three months until they start kindergarten. While at Diana’s stand, I met a woman, Angela Weinberger, who coaches the same kinds of clients as I do and also runs a consulting firm called Global People Transitions . What a treat to meet such dedicated women and be in a place where the positive buzz could be felt by all who attended.


Now that I am off to such a good start with my own business, I am ready to help others do the same!