One more lesson learned from the boys’ Bunny Business: The power of Passion

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Without passion, the likelihood of failure is great in any start-up.  My boys have a great passion for raising animals and for taking care of baby bunnies.  Their passion has kept them going when the situation gets rough. I, too, have a lot of passion when it comes to coaching.

Passionate coaching

My passion in coaching helps me to come to my job fresh every day.  It is the satisfaction in seeing people get beyond the “can’ts” to the “how tos” and then finally reaching the “Done! Wow!” stages of problem-solving.  I love helping people in start-ups, as that is a multi-faceted part of coaching; I love helping other people find more than “just” a job because life is more than 9-5 work; I love it when my clients can be excited about their job and find joy in it.  I love helping people find that next step in their career life, because they are then growing and challenging themselves to move on in life.  These kinds of activities make Monday mornings so much more enjoyable for me.

But how about you?

What gets you up in the morning?

Does your career path energize you?

What is your dream job?

What is that start-up brewing in your creative heart?

Of course, there is also a need for discipline in anything worth the while.

A business is a daily discipline.  The boys have to get up early to check on their animals, feed and water them twice a day, clean the cages weekly- or more when there are young ones, and perform regular maintenance on the cages and fence.  They must be perseverant with their to-do list.  It is my passion in coaching that gets me going to start that to-do list so that I then, at the end of the day, can feel satisfied in a job well done.  In some ways that satisfaction of checking things off the list then feeds into my passion so that I have even more energy and love to face tomorrow’s to-do list.

A job well done with an attitude of Love

Much of work is also attitude. The boys love their work, or at least most of it.  They especially love the animals and watching the young ones grow and develop.  But that love of the job can die.  I have a friend who has lost his love of his young business, due to complications, and he is unlikely to get his positive attitude back.  So my friend is thinking of selling his company and starting something new.  He is creative and will find a new passion, I am sure.  But it is hard when the love of the job dies.  The lack of love at my friend’s company makes it very hard for him to get out there and sell his product.  Without a love for the job, work becomes drudgery.  So, how can we possibly get that attitude of love back?  A change in perspective can help.

Reframing as part of regaining passion

Part of enjoying the job is determining how we are looking at the situation and at the tasks and by then asking ourselves whether our evaluation of the situation is correct. Are my assumptions correct? I can ask myself if this is an assumption that is true, or if my perception of the situation is skewed. How can I look at the situation differently?  For example, cleaning the rabbit cages is not seen as pleasant, but the rabbits living in the cages need clean cages for their health and well-being, especially since the weather has been rather rainy, so they don’t go out into the garden much at the moment.  More about reframing will be in the next blog.


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