Momentum to Reach the Goal

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Last Friday I had the privilege of attending the TEDXWomenZurich event and I am still thinking about the talks and how they apply to me and to my life. The theme was Momentum and the talks were as varied as the speakers that spoke. For me, and for the artist that helped portray the theme in picture, momentum has two parts: the foundation so one can “take off”, and the energy to keep on going.


Even before I arrived at the venue on Friday, I had been considering the relationship between passion (my last blog) and contentment and I had pretty much decided that contentment was the topic of my next blog. On my morning walk with the dog I had realized that I was very content with my situation and that this solid foundation was the place where I could rest to get ready for my next steps. It’s a bit of a mystery, but by that I mean that I was comfortable with myself and also my situation so I could consider the next steps in my life and career as a business coach.


Then I walked into the room and started meeting wonderful women at the breakfast, women who were also coming with open hearts and minds for the speakers to present their messages. What an amazing amount of energy!


I won’t give a summary of every talk but I want to address the ones that hit me the most: Susan Jane Gilman, “There is No Lightning Bolt”; Toku McCree, “Picking Role Models That Matter”; and Stephanie Fonteyn, “Leap of Faith”.


There is no lightning bolt

…was all about the fact that instant success is really not true to life and that supposed instant success, when really researched, are success after years of work and discipline. My take on it is that you have to get up every day and work hard at your craft to become a success at it.


Picking good role models

…is key if you want to follow your chosen direction Toku spoke about the fact we need to look to real people who are not personifications of our ideals. He went on to list a few values that I hold and consider important for success: people who are able to see and embrace their weaknesses, people powered by a passion for service, and people who are genuine. Of course one has to then become a role model for others.


Taking a leap of faith

…is, in the end, the act that we all have to do and Stephanie was, like one of my TED heroes, Brené Brown, vulnerable and honest enough to share her story. Because Stephanie took her leap of faith, we attending the event were able to participate in the day’s collaborative art project: a doodle of Amelia Earhart. This was a perfect visual portrayal of the days’ ideas and speakers. You can see her flyer and her art in the attached photos.


So, when you are content with yourself, you can then take on good role models, do the hard work of becoming an expert in your chosen path, and then take that leap of faith and do the “impossible”! As so many of the speakers said, “Go for it”!



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