My new ad-VENTURE with The Alpha Group International

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Last week my eyes were opened to a world of new opportunity, for me, for my clients, for many others. In Bucharest I was trained to be a Regional Director of The Alpha Group (TAG, not the Alpha Course out of Holy Trinity Brompton). So here is an imaginary conversation about TAG, perhaps with you.

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What is TAG?

According to the founder based in, it is the most effective method of business growth available for SMEs globally. It is, “Peer-to-peer mastermind advisory boards targeted at business owners and managers helping them continue to thrive and to make it to the “next level” wherever that may be for them.“


So who is it for?

SME owners or leaders, one per industry per board, simple as that. If you own or run a hotel, you are the only one allowed on your board so you don’t have to worry about competition. The board members commit themselves to helping the businesses of all board members grow and thus it is a real synergetic concept. Of course one must be open honest and keep all issues in “the board room”.


But I am not an SME owner.

Your clients may be SMEs and would benefit from such an advisory board. Thus, you could gain business value by referring your clients to TAG. Also, you may be interested in becoming a Regional Director (RD) yourself. I am currently recruiting RDs.


Why are you so excited about TAG?

SMEs are the backbone of an economy. In this way I am helping my local businesses, and therefore the local economy, succeed. This makes me very happy, indeed. Also, I am recruiting RDs who can do the same thing in their cities and regions, thus I am helping the general economy. The economy needs every little bit of help it can get, as we all know.


So, I am interested in more information. What is my next step?

Any way you call it, you need to contact me, either at or


Join The Alpha Group, double your business value in three years by motivating and inspiring you in exclusive board meetings; that’s the deal!


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