Processing and wanting to help when the issues make one feel helpless

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Life is hard

One friend was just fired, another is having anxiety attacks, another (or more, probably) is seeing a therapist. Life can be full of challenges. Two local companies are shutting down, going out of business. Two others are merging, and heads are rolling as I type.


On a lighter note, three different sets of guests recently visited and I am processing all these instances and challenges into my thoughts; of course I am having reactions. I’m wondering how I can help – or not.


Helping friends

I can’t help my friends get better, and I can’t give them jobs, even though I want to do both. My reaction is one of compassion and wanting to “fix things”. It is probably part of my personality DNA. The people who recently visited me also have their issues- some job, some health-related. I realized that I couldn’t help them, either. But I wanted to. I did do my best to be a good hostess and feed them and house them in the best way I could. I think they all had fun, and I sure did.

Today I tried to listen to a friend for a while as she processed part of her challenges. I think that helped – just listening. I felt positive about that.


How I can help– in a concrete way

And I really feel pleased about my new (ad)venture with The Alpha Group because my goal is to help SMEs thrive with my Alpha Group- to prevent local businesses from floundering. Instead, I will help them succeed and double their business value. This new prospect is exciting for me. I really am energized about getting up each day and reaching out to local businesses.

The members of my Alpha Group must commit to change regarding their business practices. They realise that you “don’t know what you don’t know” and are open to receiving and sharing new ideas that will help take their business to the next level. They are willing to change their thinking, take action and watch their situations improve. The members adhere to the highest standards. If they want to succeed by taking shortcuts, The Alpha Group is not for them. Finally, members seek transformational change. This is not a networking group; however, they will develop new business relationships and their business will grow.


That is why I am so committed to The Alpha Group. It is one way for me to help my community. This is one place I can make a difference for my local community, and possibly for the economy. I am very happy to be of help.


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