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Truth Believe Act Feel

I wish those four words turned into an acronym, but alas, no.

However, even without an acronym, they are a wise way of processing thoughts and actions. When I take a truth, such as you are a unique human being of worth, and then decide to believe and act on that truth, my feelings of self-worth should increase. That is a good process.

This process of checking our thoughts and feelings according to what is true may keep us from inaccurate thoughts and poor choices.

One Truth: We Can Change

One of the truths about us humans besides our innate worth is our ability to change and learn. Thus I can say that I am able to change my habits and learn new healthier ones. This is a truth that I can believe about myself and about the person facing me.   What a liberating though, and it is completely true!

Believe it!

When I believe that change is part of our human abilities, all sorts of possibilities open up for me, for you, for the person in front of me. Wow, what would you like to change? I don’t mean physical appearance and other superficial things. I mean, would you like to be more organized? You can be! Would you like to be a “go-getter”? Well then, you can be! Would you like to… the possibilities are great. But you must take that truth, I can change, to heart and really believe it.

Act on it!

Then, take that belief and put it to the test. Act like it is true. You have to start moving, trying and trying again. There is work in change. It’s not just a mindset, but a way of living. Thus, to become organized, you have to start organizing and setting up some systems of organization. It’s not “magic”, it’s thinking and acting in new ways. It’s learning and changing. It’s a process. And you must start somewhere and then move to change.

The feelings will follow.

When I start working on the change I want, the probability of a failure must be accepted. We all fail and then what happens after the failure is key. We must look at that failure, and not punish ourselves, but really look at it, reflect on it, learn from it, and take it into consideration for “the next time”. When we feel that it is okay to make mistakes, to fall down and get back into the “ring of life”, we are going to make the change we want. We who learn from our mistakes are the ones who succeed in the end.

I have to admit that it is easy to write this blog where I am today- somewhere on a Canary Island, off the coast of Africa. The sun is warm, the surf is loud, and the tourist season hasn’t really started, at least not here, yet. I will be back to the whole Truth Believe Act Feel process in just a few days, but for today, I am only in reflection mode. A break is always good for reflection.

So, what are you believing about yourself  and your work today?

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the way to do it:  decide on the truth, believe it, act on it, and let feelings follow

the way to do it: decide on the truth, believe it, act on it, and let feelings follow


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