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Today Let’s be Grateful!


I have thought a lot about gratitude lately, in the backwash of geo-political, economic, and personal events and I choose to be grateful, even so. Being negative won’t help anything, and could actually make the situation worse.


A recent article in BusinessInsider* quotes some ways to be happier that are proven by neuro-scientific research and being consciously grateful is one of the main ways to be happier. Happier then means making better choices (also proven from research), which leads to success. Therefore, let’s be grateful!


Here are four ideas I have to become more grateful:


Idea 1: I have a friend who has a thankful jar. Every time something for which she is grateful happens, she writes it down. Then at periodical times in the year (for example Thanksgiving or Christmas) she and the family sit down and read the papers. At times when life is hard, she reaches for that jar, too.


Idea 2: At the end of each day write down 1-3 things that you are thankful for that day. (this, then could go in your jar, if you have one). Focusing on the positives for the day is a great way to fall asleep. If you pray, then thanking God for those things would be the last activity for your day. What a positive way have end bedtime routine!


Idea 3: Thank people. Whether it’s the wait staff at your local restaurant; your work colleagues (or even better those who report to you); or your family and friends; make it a point to say thank you three times a day at least. See what happens, then. Report back to me if you notice a change.


Idea 4: Instagram it! By that I mean, take a photo and place it somewhere where you can see it again. On Instagram you actually show others, too. Depending on your personal level of privacy, this may or may not be your kind of thing. I have friends who are really good at posting beautiful photos of nature and their surroundings. Others post pics that their kids have drawn. But in the end, it doesn’t really have to be on a social media site, the idea is that the photos are “there” for you to review.


Another way would be for you to print photos of things that you are thankful for (flowers, the beautiful day, your friends and family, you get the idea) and put them up for you to see at home or even work. I have a refrigerator that allows me to change the pictures on it by use of magnets.


These four ideas are just little reminders for you to be grateful each day for the good things that come your way. Tell me what you do, too. I would be glad to add to my list!


* the article can be found here




  1. Doug says:

    Hi, Patty. I have a ceramic bowl in my office – on my desk, actually – and I put thank you notes in it. Any time I wonder if my work is appreciated, I can look in the direction of the bowl and be reminded. Not only is my work appreciated, but there are people who remember to write notes expressing their thanks. I am thankful for them!

    • Great idea, Doug– I try and get people to tell you when they appreciate your sermons and work. I know, it’s avery lonely job. I do appreciate you AND your work (and your sermons)!

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