Touch is medicine

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Reach out and get in touch


Literally, I mean.


The last thing you can do to boost your happiness quotient is to give and receive (appropriate) touch. We all know about the research about the babies without any physical touch dying. We all know it, but do we apply it to our lives?


5 a day


Get and give five hugs a day and you will be a happier person. It’s a proven truth; research says so.


“So hug someone today. And do not accept little, quick hugs. No, no, no. Tell them your neuroscientist recommended long hugs. A hug, especially a long one, releases a neurotransmitter and hormone oxytocin, which reduces the reactivity of the amygdala. “


I like the idea of good long hugs. Maybe you know a person who is good at giving and receiving hugs. I bet that person is happy, despite the circumstances. I can think of a handful of good to great huggers and thinking of them makes me smile. Maybe you should make a list of good huggers you know and remember to hug them this week and tell them you like to hug them. Thank them with a big hug.


Texting does not give you any happy hormones, sorry. So, remember to meet up with people in person and touch them, appropriately, of course, and show your appreciation of them.


So, what are you going to do for yourself today to make you a happier person?


Here’s my personal answer for today: Where I live today is a beautiful fall day and I will go out and walk with my dog in the sun, meet a friend for a nice dinner and then go home and hug all the members of my family before we head off to bed. These are my activities for myself, but note that these activities help others, too. When we mutually help on another, that’s really when it becomes a good thing: I am not just taking, but also giving to help others out.


That’s why I say give and receive hugs. It’s for both of us and we feel a connection, both physically and emotionally.


So thank you for reading this. You can fin out more about myself on my website:

And now go and find that friend to hug now to make you – and someone you care about -very happy.




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