Dealing with the Darkness

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How do you deal with darkness?


This morning at 7:30 it was still dark and I have to admit that I had the kind of confusion I usually don’t experience unless I am jet-lagged. I was really surprised it was still dark and “so late” in the morning. I wonder how one deals with this in Iceland. I must ask my friend, Inga sometime.


Even if it is dark from the time you leave for work until after you leave for home in the afternoon, there is hope: December 21st is coming. With the 21st, everything changes again and we start having longer days. Normally I don’t have a real problem with dark, but today it hit me.


How about you? What do you do to get over those dark days?


One of the things I do is look forward, and there is a lot to look forward to at the moment for me:


Another trip “home”


New Year

My first Alpha Group is starting in a month



I am happy to go home again, and very soon. I will be able to see family and “old” friends and eat food that one can only get there. As an expat going home is part of the benefits, something we look forward to and use as a “pick-me-up” on those dreary days. It has been rather dreary in Switzerland of late, mind you. Yet, as an expat, home is a mixed bag. I have two homes, now. I feel rather at ease in both, and sometimes in neither. That’s part of the life, too.



This Christmas will be the first spent in the air in a while. I look forward to the flight staff party-ing. As happened the last time I flew. I find the flight attendants generally very pleasant on such flights. Who knows how many Santa hats they will be wearing. I am seriously considering getting one, myself, as I am flying alone and my family won’t be embarrassed by my silliness.


New Year

My kids play in a band and will be leading music at a cool midnight service our church has. Friends started the idea a few years ago, as they come from a “watch-night service” tradition and wanted to bring it to our church in Zürich. I am looking forward to the whole experience. In Switzerland one lets off fireworks for New Years Eve, as in the Philippines. That will be fun, too!


The Alpha Group

The new Zürich (and, coming soon, Baden) Alpha Group is starting

I just saw a post by a colleague in the UK on how well her Alpha Group is going ( )and that motivates me even more to work hard to get my groups going. I am still looking for a few exceptional entrepreneurs to join my groups in Zürich (starting on January 14th) and Baden (starting in February).

So what are you looking forward to in these next weeks? What keeps you charged up?


For more information about me and The Alpha Group, look here: and you can contact me at


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