The weather outside may be frightful, but I am doing well

December 6th, 2015 by Patricia Jehle Leave a reply »

The Advent Season (and the month of December) is well into swing and though the weather outside may be frightful, my home and mood have been quite delightful. Here are some reasons why:


I am downsizing my expectations


Good enough is really good enough for me this December. I don’t know about you, but I often have too high of expectations- on my self, on others and on what this season should/could/would bring.


My expectations have had to re-adjust over the years as job, family situation, and physical abilities have changed. When our babies were little I arose very early and wrote Christmas cards and used their nap times for baking cookies. As my working hours increased, I was less able to bake and the focus became more the children’s school programs (and there were lots of those shows, markets, and concerts) Now I notice that I have less available energy at this time of year and I must be careful with what I promise to myself and others.


I am focusing on the positive, despite the negatives


I am working on my hope level this season, lighting that first advent candle of hope most days, and now the second candle of peace has been lit, too. I hope for many things this season: peace on Earth is still the number one, but there are many more personal hopes, too: for loved ones to enjoy the season, though someone else is now “missing” in their lives, for my kids to do well on semester exams that are soon starting, for safe travels for all I know this coming holiday season.


Also, I choose to see the positive in all people this Advent and Christmas season. There may be shootings and terrorist attacks, but this month, I will think of everyone as a “potential friend” and not as an enemy, despite their seeming differences of philosophy, politics, race, creed, etc. I choose to see every person as a fellow human with the potential to change and grow and succeed positively for the good of all.


I am also choosing positive things to do that I enjoy and feel good about.


Today in Switzerland is St. Nicholas Day. I really like this day for a couple of reasons: it keeps Christmas focused on the real Gift of the holiday and it keeps Christmas less commercial. But even more t hat, December 6th is a day for all of us in Switzerland to eat bread people (Griitibänz), drink hot chocolate, eat mandarins and enjoy one another’s company. So, to celebrate, I’ve made a couple of kilos of bread-people dough and baked some people, but also rolls to give out at a couple of Advent events our family is involved in this weekend. I didn’t have to do this; nobody expects it and so I get to do it for fun.


I also volunteered this past Thursday at the annual senior dinner in town. Not only do I get to serve my delightful neighbors a great meal, but I get to chat with some of them and enjoy the program prepared for them. This event has become a highlight of my December activities since moving into the Swiss countryside. I don’t ever have to do it, but I choose to do it and enjoy every minute of the service.


Finally, I am making my list and getting it done


Making sure that enough is my goal, my list is much shorter and I am getting it done. This, in turn, makes me feel like I can accomplish everything and I don’t lie under a heavy “to do before Dec. 24 list”. I feel freer and happier because of it, which leads to thankfulness and so I am thankful for all the days I have to do the things I want and choose to do.


What about you? Are you shortening and accomplishing your lists, focusing on the positives, doing things that make you happy and being grateful for each day? I hope so!


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  1. Doug says:

    “Downsizing expectations” may be what people do who … no, please don’t ever downsize!

  2. Lili says:

    Loved your article

    Wishing you a happy, relaxed Christmas and a cheerful, optimistic start in 2016!

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