Christmas Greetings for 2015!

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The time of annual Christmas letters and cards is upon us. I haven’t quite figured out how much to put in this blog, as the family prefers to remain anonymous, and quite understandably so. This year has had its ups and downs, as I am sure most of you have had, too.


+My own business

To focus on the ups for a moment, I have started a legally registered business in Switzerland. This is a rather big deal for me, as I did it all by myself with no help from consultants, or the government. I am quite proud of my accomplishment, and feel that it is also helpful for my clients and future clients, since I have walked the same road as they have.


+More training and new horizons

I also underwent more training with Nobel Manhattan so I am a certified Regional Director of The Alpha Group (.biz). We are starting board meetings in the New Year and I am quite excited about the whole endeavor. The prospect of helping SMEs double their business is exciting, but it also supports the local economy in ways that multinationals cannot.


+I am still writing

I haven’t stopped and, although one project is on ice for the moment, a second is still going (60,000 words and counting), and I do like writing these blogs, too!


+I still love teaching business communications

It’s amazing that I have stayed with one job so long and that means something: I love it! This year has been no different and I look forward to next semester, and the following school year with great anticipation.


+I am teaching a short two-day course on coaching to expats

The course is to look at expat start-ups in Switzerland (and elsewhere) and how to coach those brave people. This is an exciting new adventure for me!


Yet not everything is easy

But there have been hard times, as well.


Some of my regular readers know that some dear neighbors have passed away this year, as has my mother, just last month. The grief continues to work its way out with me, as it does with the spouses and loved ones of my neighbors. I saw a really perfect visual on the grieving process recently and I think it is correct to say that the feelings of loss and sadness do not go away completely, but the times of happiness return and we experience both the happy and sad. Sometimes the sadness is still like a sharp pain, but other times, I am able to remember all the fun times together without that pain. My mom and I had many great times together, after all.


Finally, I look forward to this holiday season, where I can step back, take a breath, reflect on the good and the hard, and anticipate a great 2016 to come!

May you and yours be blessed this season and throughout 2016!

patricia Jehle



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