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Who is in the arena with you? Who is on your team?

January 26th, 2016

Who’s got your back?


I have been reading Brené Brown, again, and this time her concept of supportive friendship struck me. We, you and I, all need people who “have our back”. Brené writes about those friends you know will be there, who won’t spill your secrets, but also who will hold you accountable. The listeners, supporters and the challengers. You do not need many of these kind of friends, but you need a few, as life is transient and in a transient society, people come and go, and move away. Often. So, who’s got your back?


Let’s look at this carefully:


The listeners: You need someone with whom you can have mutual listening and sharing, those with whom you express mutual empathy. I just had a conversation with a friend who is starting up a company and we discussed how hard it is for men (he is a man) to be open and vulnerable. Our social norms “train” men (and nowadays women) business leaders to be tough, but in the end it is not good for the person or the business. The leaders have been trained to avoid asking for help when it is needed. This lack of vulnerability is actually detrimental to business leading. We all need to be able to ask for and to offer help.


The supporters: We want someone with us in that scary arena, the metaphor that Dr. Brown uses for those of us seeking to do something, to be leaders, to make a way in this world. Those people with us are our supporters. Who do you have that will get out there and support you, and not either leave you in the lurch or tell people your secrets. These are those people who tell you that you can do it! You can, of course do it, but we need each other to make it, in a supportive environment. These friends also may give you just the contact or resource you need, not because it will help them, but it will help you succeed. These people are real friends.


The challengers: Our supportive friends also need to be those who kick us in the butt when it is needed and send us out into that arena again after we have blown it, or life has been hard. It’s those of you, of us, who get back up and brush ourselves off and get back in that arena who win. You and I can, but the ones who tell us that truth are those people we need around us. Who do you have that says, like the proverbial boxing coach, “Get out there and win!”?


What’s next? So, spend some time this week thinking about who has your back, and who you can trust. Then make the effort and tell that person thank you. Reach out and be that kind of friend, too.


Patricia Jehle www.jehle-coaching.comgladiator_arena_hdr-t2

Hope in the midst of job cuts

January 19th, 2016

Today I am sad and I am angry



A week ago the local newspaper said that the recent “friendly takeover” of a French company by a US-based multinational with lots of our local people working for it would be “letting go” of 1,300 of them in our city. Those people are my friends and neighbors, people who have families, and mostly people who now need to find jobs in an already tough market.


Who has to pick up the pieces? The government? Can they really afford to help so many out at one time? How will this affect the local economy, anyway? Certainly the multinational firing so many people has no interest in the future of these employees and their families, and probably not in our local economy, either.


What can I do about it?



I could go and demonstrate. The local union will be holding a demonstration soon regarding the job cuts. I think demonstrations help, and I have joined in some over the years, but I wonder if I could be of more help in some other way. A way that I feel has an impact on the situation.



I could write a letter to the editor. In some ways, I am doing that with this blog, and perhaps it will help. Maybe, maybe not. But at least I feel better writing about it. It’s kind of like venting.


Buy local

I have and will continue to find ways to support local businesses and the local economy, as that is a way that I feel empowered myself, and can empower and encourage local people. Small businesses help the local economy where large multinationals tend to suck it dry, and fire my friends and neighbors.


The Alpha Group as a solution

And I will continue to use The Alpha Group as a way to support local businesses, as the group promises to double the value of the business within three years. These are the things I can do, and though it may not directly help those 1,300 families, perhaps it will help create some jobs for them in the long run. We have a group starting in Zürich and one, hopefully, soon in Baden and these will support SME business leaders, the local people.


In all these ways I feel like I can help out- maybe you are thinking and feeling similar things. What will you do to help the local economy where you live?


Hopefully yours,

Patricia Jehle




January 12th, 2016

I wish you More of what counts this year!

More love in your important relationships

How we spend out time shows what’s important to us- what is your balance between work, family, friends and self? Who do you want to invest more time in this year?

More joy in your life, what you do and with whom you celebrate

There is a time to celebrate, celebrate life and anything else. We have a BIG birthday this month and it is with joy that we celebrate it. I can hardly wait to have that time together as a family. What do you celebrate and with whom?

and Especially More peace

The new year is in full swing and one neighbor told me yesterday that it hardly feels like we had a two-week break, which we (well most of us) did. We get too busy very fast. I was listening to a podcast today and was struck with the commentator’s note on being able to be interrupted and the value in this, as that is often where life happens. If we go more slowly, we can be more easily interrupted without fluster- and notice what is happening around us. When we are in a slower mode, we are more likely to be at peace, too. How can you set up your day so you are flexible for interruptions?

More fun

And laughter and charming stories. I love Star Wars, and am still basking in the glow of that movie. What is fun for you?

More song

There is so much around us and all we have to do is tune in. What kind of music do you like to listen to?


More art

We have a couple of friends who are artists, and another friend whose husband is one. Her house has almost every square inch of wall-space used for art, her husbands and that which the couple has collected together. My husband and I visited her apartment in Paris last October and I went home inspired. I DO have more room for more art on my walls! I even received some more art from friends for Christmas and most everything is up – just have a few more frames to buy and then I get to enjoy those special pieces. What do you do to surround yourself with beauty? There are many ways, with art at home, going to museums, or taking walks in nature. What would you like to do more of?

And Most of all, I wish you More wonderful conversations

We are social beings, and even we introverts need good conversations. Who do you like to converse with and why? Who would you like to spend more time talking with? What kinds of conversations would you like to talk about?
May you have more of what counts and less clutter- both in things and in your calendar.

Patricia Jehle

Happy New Year! What’s new?

January 5th, 2016

Happy 2016! My wish for you is that you have MORE of what really counts in this coming year!


I am really excited about what is happening and what I will be involved in in the upcoming months. What’s on your plate? Here is what’s on mine:


A look at my first semester of 2016, through June, and what I am looking forward to:


New Alpha Groups starting in Zürich and Baden/Brugg: To say that I am thrilled about the new groups and their businesses is a real understatement. I am so pleased to help their companies grow in a REAL and effective way. January 14th is the BIG day for the Zürich group!


New Clients

I have always tried to “graduate” clients- it is the idea when one coaches for solutions: the clients should come and go- so at this moment, some are going, and some are coming. Each person is such a pleasure to coach and to see the change in their lives.


ETAS Conference: I still love teaching (see below) and that means I keep up with my (local) professional group.


New semester of teaching Business Communication: This semester it is teaching introduction to business communication and teaching negotiation, four classes, in all.


A wedding: There could be more than one coming up, but one is confirmed. I love weddings, the fun, the potential for life, and the joy. I can hardly wait!


A leadership conference and a writers’ conference in one weekend: never say I lead a dull life! I still enjoy writing- A LOT!


Teaching a Coaching (for coaches to coach expat start-ups) Workshop: This short course is for potential coaches and those coaches who are looking into either expat start-up coaching or start-up coaching, in general. This course dovetails nicely with The Alpha Groups.


Coaching Meets Research Conference: I went two years ago and went away challenged and energized, so I expect no less from this year.


So, my life has a bit more in it this year. What more would you like to do? Sometime in July I will turn down the burner for a few weeks and think a lot, and all the previous work will balance the time of reflection and rest.Unknown