Happy New Year! What’s new?

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Happy 2016! My wish for you is that you have MORE of what really counts in this coming year!


I am really excited about what is happening and what I will be involved in in the upcoming months. What’s on your plate? Here is what’s on mine:


A look at my first semester of 2016, through June, and what I am looking forward to:


New Alpha Groups starting in Zürich and Baden/Brugg: To say that I am thrilled about the new groups and their businesses is a real understatement. I am so pleased to help their companies grow in a REAL and effective way. January 14th is the BIG day for the Zürich group! http://www.jehle-coaching.com/aboutthealphagroup.html


New Clients

I have always tried to “graduate” clients- it is the idea when one coaches for solutions: the clients should come and go- so at this moment, some are going, and some are coming. Each person is such a pleasure to coach and to see the change in their lives.


ETAS Conference: I still love teaching (see below) and that means I keep up with my (local) professional group. https://www.e-tas.ch/events/conferences-agms/32nd-annual-conference-and-agm-2016


New semester of teaching Business Communication: This semester it is teaching introduction to business communication and teaching negotiation, four classes, in all. http://www.fhnw.ch/wirtschaft


A wedding: There could be more than one coming up, but one is confirmed. I love weddings, the fun, the potential for life, and the joy. I can hardly wait!


A leadership conference and a writers’ conference in one weekend: never say I lead a dull life! I still enjoy writing- A LOT!


Teaching a Coaching (for coaches to coach expat start-ups) Workshop: This short course is for potential coaches and those coaches who are looking into either expat start-up coaching or start-up coaching, in general. This course dovetails nicely with The Alpha Groups. http://www.fhnw.ch/sozialearbeit/weiterbildung/angebote/kursdetails/?id=9176411&hsurl=sozialearbeit


Coaching Meets Research Conference: I went two years ago and went away challenged and energized, so I expect no less from this year. http://www.coaching-meets-research.ch/kongress-2016/programm-1/programm


So, my life has a bit more in it this year. What more would you like to do? Sometime in July I will turn down the burner for a few weeks and think a lot, and all the previous work will balance the time of reflection and rest.Unknown


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