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Let it Go!

My teen-age sons love the Disney song Let it Go, but they prefer their own version, which I suspect they got from iFunny. You can either look for humorous versions or use your imagination. My sons can be very graphic sometimes. But the song is correct in its philosophy.


Sometimes we need to  to be able to change or continue in the chosen direction. We need time to think and reflect if we want to really succeed. Sometimes I think our minds and bodies are really very much like computers; when something isn’t working, we should probably stop and reboot.



This week I had to stop as I came down with a bad cough that turned out to be more serious than I expected. I worked till midday on Tuesday and then I had to give in and cancel the “week”, including work and fun. The time spent in bed regenerating and not thinking and over-thinking about work and business actually did me a great deal of good. I even came up with this idea for me blog 😉


But you can unplug without getting ill. It’s often called a retreat, but it could also be a day away with other like-minded people working on your life, your company, your “bigger picture”. You may say that is a luxury, but for good growth, both in business and in your personal life, that time away to think is necessary. That is what an Alpha Group Meeting serves for leaders of SMEs , by the way. It’s what a coach can do for you, too. But a retreat is also very good and I am planning one with a friend for the spring.



After you unplug, you need to reboot and implement the changes and plans you made while you were away reflecting. Without that implementation the time away can be wasted, or worse, we may have to even re-learn the same lesson. I have learned more things about my body and signs I need to pay attention to. What signs do you need to pay attention to, in body, mind, spirit and business? Where are the breaking points or the healthy boundaries that should not be overstepped? Where are the directions of new paths going to lead you? What do you want to do different next time?


Let it go

But to do the new, there probably will have to be some letting go going on. What old patterns are getting in the way of your progress? What expectations are in the way? What has to go to bring about growth? Any pruning needed in your business or personal gardens?


Thinking with you,

Patricia Jehle www.jehle-coaching.com





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