Change Ahead

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The winds are changing for the Jehle Bunny Business


For those who do not know, my sons started a business long before I even considered the thought. They have been raising and selling rabbits for several years and at one point the even added chickens so they could eat and sell the eggs.


There have been many ups and downs with the boy’s venture, but there is change coming, whether anyone wants it or not. The acceptance of change on the family reflects the typical bell curve for change. There are innovators and early adopters, early and late majority, and at least one laggard. I do not want to point fingers or mention names, but I am sure that they would agree with the “labeling”.


The owner-operator is graduating from high school and going into the Swiss military for several months. This means an operational change of responsibility and work-load for the other men in the business. One person is hoping the animals will take care of themselves and the other person is hoping that July will not come very fast. The son heading towards the military is happy that he will not have to be in charge anymore.



I keep asking my coaching questions: What do you want? How do you envision the change? If everything that you do not like about the change were taken away, what would you do differently, etc.


And you?

When it comes to change, what kind of person are you? How do you, and your business, address change? What are some of your favorite phrases about change? My favorite phrase is the one about “We’ve always done it this way”.


So, I wonder what July will hold for our family bunny business. I wonder how my own business might change by then. How about your business?


Patricia Jehle


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