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Team Meetings Can be Very Encouraging

I have a great team of fellow Regional Directors of The Alpha Group to lean on and talk to. Yesterday we had a meeting and I was so encouraged and charged up afterwards., I could have “SAVED THE WORLD” I wish all business leaders had a team like mine. We are all on the same track and we all are really excited about our “calls”.

It’s my passion to help SMEs grow. I hope to help a few local business leaders really bring their companies to the next level, to dominate their niches, to double the value of their businesses. This is my goal and what gets me up in the morning. I see my group a bit lit our Regional directors’ team: encouraging, supporting, keeping each other accountable for our goals and milestones. That’s what makes the Alpha Group special and different- we are not “just a networking group”, but instead, we are a team of business leaders helping each other through growth workshops and masterminds. We set goals and hold each other accountable to them. We meet monthly and need to do it to keep up that growth momentum.

I recently read an article from inc. that really shows what that supportive team can accomplish:

I am looking for members, but only “the best”. I can only do this with a limited number of CEOs and business leaders/owners, so I can be rather particular in the process of finding the right mix. These groups have been known to grow together a dynamic that really benefits the businesses of the participants. Some have even been attending the same group for six or seven years in the UK. This is what I want: Alpha Groups that grow each others’ businesses.

Also, I am looking for a few good partners as well as the “perfect” Alpha Group team to meet with.

Contact me if you want to know more at or join my LinkedIn group, SMEs Grow Together


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