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Optimists Win- ALWAYS

I don’t mean the naïve ones, but the tough-minded ones.

I just read an article in the Harvard Business Review,

This article is based on a concept of a famous business leader, John Gardner. It’s called “tough-minded optimism” which is a blend of creativity in ideas, strong convictions about what works and about doing things for the “common good”, and resilience, especially when it comes to the need for change. To quote,

“The future is not shaped by people who don’t really believe in the future,” Gardner said. Rather, “it is created by highly motivated people, by enthusiasts, by men and women who want something very much or believe very much.”

According to Gardner, leaders can have a mix of abilities and qualities, but there is no replacement for what he calls, “the lift of the spirit and heightened performance that comes from motivation.”

I couldn’t agree more.

As we go into the weekend, let us remember the WHY we are doing things and if it isn’t a good enough why, then, find something better to do. If you really want to do something well, you need to believe in what you are doing.

Also, here are a few tips to help you remain positive:

1) Smile more.

There is research that proves that if your carry your body in a certain way, it can change your mood. Smiling makes you more positive. Ask Amy Cuddy.

2) Stand like Wonder Woman.

No joke. This really also gives you the positive power and presence you might need today to get out there and “win one for the Gipper”. Try it—but perhaps at home or in the bathroom, not in front of those you will be presenting to.

Finally, I want to leave you with the question that was in the article, because it is a great question:

Do you have a definition of success for your business that allows you to stand for something special and that inspires others to stand with you?

I wish you a very successful Friday!

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