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The Advice I received from a Mastermind


So, I wrote about a Mastermind and its process last week ( ) and I would like to tell you the advice I received regarding a new endeavor, as maybe it will pertain to you, too.


My favorite piece of advice:

Imagine lots of fun along the way


This has helped a lot since the Mastermind. A positove attitude brings a smile to one’s face and you can even hear it on the telephone. Also, you are more positive and as, inc. writes, complaining is really bad for you.


My most realistic piece of advice:

Remember that there is a high rejection rate (at least 80%)


There is a infographic going around the internet about this particular piece of information. I need to remember that my niche is a niche and that the “world” is not going to come to me. So, I need to ask a lot of potential clients to find the right ones. A “no” leads to a “yes” from someone else… eventually. I just have to keep at it. Probably the same is for you.


Another helpful and surprising piece of advice:

Combine (balance) the easy with the hard activities


This is a great psychological tool—I can reward the hard parts of my job with the pleasant ones. Thus, I get more difficult activities done by combining them with easier or more pleasant activities. What a great trick. I kind of did this in college: for every x number of pages written for a paper, I got to read y number of pages is a novel. You can do this with whatever activities motivate you.


Of course, there is a page full of a list of pieces of advice, but I wanted to share these.   I am looking forward to this week and leading a couple of masterminds with clients.


Should you be curious about Masterminds and what I am doing with the Alpha Group (.biz), you can write me at or check out my website:


Have a great week!

Patricia Jehle

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