Learning by doing and reflecting

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Everybody has to learn, in fact we all can learn until the very ends of our lives.  We are learning beings.

Today I leaned how to write a press release.  I have been writing most of my life and have even studied journalism in one of my past lives, so I read a few blogs, looked at a few samples and just “went for it”.  It was scary sending it our to editors and websites, but within minutes I had received a positive response from someone.

You have to risk something to get a yes.  We all have to risk something to get ahead and get new things done.

I wrote about the Alpha Group that I led last week and about how positive it went and what I hope to accomplish for the SME owners and CEOs who come.  It was risky to write about it, well, to ask editors to print it.  It was also risky to ask CEOs to come, but the came and they took learning points out of the day and turned them into action plans.

I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out for them with these action plans of theirs.

Now I am reflecting on last week’s meeting and on the take aways for me– and I realise that we all have to reflect on our experiences and learning systematically to bring those new ideas deep into our beings, to almost automatise them.  That time for reflection is key.

This kind of reflection is hard for many of us, deep into the middle of “the process”.  We need to make sure we take that time, or simple solutions might be missed because we “can’t see the forest for the trees”.  We have to take a step back and look at the situation(s) from a different perspective than we normally do.  That’s usually when we find solutions.

That is what happened with a few of us last week when we were in a group of people we normally don’t work with, but who are also in the same arena- the business leader.  We helped each other see the situations we all presented in different lights and solutions were found.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say today, but if you read further, you will find my press release.

Take your risks, learn by doing- and by reflecting!

Have a great week.  Patricia Jehle



Here’s the press release:

TAG logo 3


Date: April 17, 2016



Business Leaders Take Control of their Businesses and Move Forward

First Swiss Alpha Group Meeting April 14th


On April 14th, the very first Alpha Group meeting in Switzerland took place in Schlieren, ZH. The participants were able to take away new ideas and action points to put into practice in their businesses immediately after the meeting. Thus, the Alpha Group (TAG) has really arrived in the Zürich and Baden. The TAG program is aiming to assist local businesses to double their profits within two to three years. Patricia Jehle, communications lecturer at the FHNW, veteran skills trainer, and business coach has been appointed as The Alpha Group’s Regional Director for the two areas for English-speaking groups.


Patricia stated, “The Alpha Group is part of the global Noble Manhattan group, which has an outstanding track-record of aiding business leaders to achieve significant changes and developments in their businesses. At monthly advisory board meetings, Alpha Group members participate in workshops focusing on key elements of business development covering a wide range of topics, and learn best practice from other business leaders during intensive strategic design sessions.


“Members also receive personalized assistance in progressing projects and overcoming problems through ‘mastermind’ sessions. During these sessions, fellow members and business leaders combine their collective wisdom and experience to brainstorm strategies and solutions, and drive their businesses forward. Our members leave these monthly meetings with clear strategies mapped out, and step-by-step implementation plans tailored to their own unique business requirements.


Patricia explained, “membership of an Alpha Group is exclusive; each group is limited to just twenty members, and there is a strict ‘no-competition’ policy. No two members operate in the same business sector, ensuring there is no rivalry within the group. This ‘broad-spectrum’ approach to membership also ensures that members bring together the widest possible range of knowledge, skills and experience to assist each other in achieving maximum results.


“Membership gives business owners and senior decision makers regular access to their very own external ‘board of advisors’ dedicated to assisting them to fulfill their commercial ambitions, plus access to online resources, and a global network of contacts,” she concluded.

The Alpha Group’s Managing Director, Colin Lindsay, added “The Group aims to assist businesses to double their profits within two to three years. That may seem ambitious, but Noble Manhattan has an established history of members achieving much more than this in many cases.”


Patricia is now establishing groups in the Zürich and Baden areas for existing businesses seeking new growth and increased profits. She is inviting local business owners, CEOs, and senior decision makers to attend a one-time introductory meeting for an admission fee of just CHF200.

To book your place, and for further information, contact Patricia at patricia.jehle@the-alpha-group.biz

Details can be found at our website: www.the-alpha-group.biz




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