Connected? Really?

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Alone, and yet not alone. Connected –or not? A Controlled Distance?


“I share, therefore I am”

In the midst of the “connected virtual world”, I am thinking about relationships and businesses, and how it affects us. So are we connected or disconnected? What causes disconnect?

According to this TED talk, plugged-in lives change who we are. We use our electronic instruments to remove ourselves from relationships and self-reflection—it’s like being alone together. This is a powerful talk on who we are and who we might be turning into.


What to do?

So, what can you do to connect?


Here are some simple ideas:


Make the dining room sacred.

Don’t let the phones and tables into the rooms where you eat. Have conversations at the family dinner table.


Only check your email once (or twice) a day. Only text at certain times of the day, for example during breaks. This will give you time to be creative at work, to read your books uninterrupted, to talk with important colleagues and family/friends.


Meet people for coffee, lunch and/or dinner and turn your phone on silent, or better, GASP, off. This will give you the needed relationship interaction that we humans need.


Join a real group of business people (like my Alpha Group)- a group of people who you can relate to. In my Group we don’t text and the wi-fi key is not given out. We connect with each other.


Join a walking or other sport group. You can’t use your phones while playing volleyball. You will kill two birds with one stone: health needs and interpersonal needs.


Join a religious organization. Research says the religious are happier. Just saying.


Join a club or a writing/book club. My friend joined a book club and feels better connected these days. I joined a writers’ group and feel the same. We both love books.


Learn how to be alone, and self-reflect.

This is what the TED talk suggests- become self-aware and aware of our relationships, and I can’t agree more. Become aware of when we are becoming too insular, too afraid to move out of the text zone and into the talk zone. Finally, pay attention:


Have a great week!


Patricia Jehle


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