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Life is sometimes confusing.

I have confusion sometimes and sometimes friends have a hard time figuring which way is up. A lot of that has to do with what we see about ourselves and about our confusing situations. Other people can help, though. I mean it!

There are some things we know about ourselves and some things we don’t. There are some things others know about us and then… The so-called Johari window shows this confusion in a visual of a quadrant. Many of us studied this in university or in a training course on self-identity.

The first quadrant is where everything is out in the open. These things can include what one looks like and what one says about oneself. Then there’s the stuff that others see that we are totally clueless about, the so-called blind spot. Then there’s the section that we hide from others and keep a secret either to ourselves or to only those closest to us. That’s the hidden section. Finally, there’s the black box: that which nobody knows.

Not just useful for you and me, but for businesses
What has become clear to me recently is that not only is this true of a person, but this is true of organizations, companies, clubs, etc. And to a great extent we want to know about our company’s blind spots and black boxes. But how can we do that?

Questions and discussion

Just as when talking about a person and their blind spots, feedback and discussion can point out areas that need help and improvement. More importantly, joint exploration of the black boxes can help business leaders discover the hidden treasures buried there. A Mastermind session is just the tool for such an archeological dig. It is in the questions and suggestions of the other participants that the leader finds gems of knowledge and hidden market potential.

So what?
If you have issues, seek a trusted person (or more) out to look for blind spots and hidden treasure. If you are a business leader and are in my neighborhood, contact me about my next Alpha Group, or find a good group in your area. After all, we don’t want to be looking right past a treasure chest of gold, do we?

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Have a great rest of the week!

Patricia Jehle


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