Problems? Two things you can do:

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Got problems? We all have, but what’s there to do?

My day yesterday had its ups and downs. Maybe your day, week or month is like that, too. – full of decisions, full of positives and perceived negatives. It’s a balance, in the end.

At the end of the day the question is always what am I going to do bout it? How am I going to process my morning, my day, my week…? Personally, I do two things: remember my 3-a-day and then I go through the problem-solving grid I have made for myself. I bet you have problems and hard days, too… Maybe my grid will help you!

The three a day gratitude list is a “to do” I not only do myself, but tell everyone I know to do it, as well: friends, clients, colleagues alike. So ask yourself, “What am I grateful for today?” Then write it down with your hands. Some people even keep a gratitude journal. The writing by hand is important, trust me.

Wrestling with the problems
But what about the hard things at work, at home, etc? Do I let the issue go? Do I fix it, or find someone to fix it? Or do I continue with the problem, working on finding an answer or someone who can solve it?  You can check my linkedin post to see the visual, WP is not letting me post media at the moment.

Question one: Is it really a problem?
Sometimes our issues are only perceived as problems, but when looked at from another angle, they are actually not problems at all. I had one of those yesterday. Because I could realize that it wasn’t a problem, I slept well last night.


Question two: Can I solve it? Etc…
Some things are worth my time (and saving money on a professional); some things are not. Some things are best left to my friends and family to help me solve them. Some things are, for the moment, “unsolvable” and then what am I going to do? Steven Covey reminds us to focus on our circle of control. What can I do about it? I may have to let the issue lie, research about it, or let it go. Yesterday I let something go. At least for the time being, it is “not in my radar”, anymore.

Because I could let one problem go, I was able to focus on and solve another problem. That solution went on my gratitude list for the day. What a great feeling to have solved a rather complicated issue, and all by myself! I had a great feeling of accomplishment.

Gratitude, Problem-solving Grid, and FLEXIBILITY!
Because one of my problems is large and on-going, being something almost totally out of my control, I work on other problems that are “solvable”, and then do what I can, waiting until it’s the right time to address the issue. Flexibility helps a lot with bigger problems, try this, try that. Wait. Then try again another way. Ad infinitum.

But don’t worry, if it is to be fixed, it will be. By me? By you? By friends, colleagues family? By another? Be assured it will be fixed, one day. Then you can put the answer on your 3-a-day list.

Enjoy the rest of your week, despite your issues!

Patricia Jehle


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