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Marketing for people like me in 5 “easy” steps:

About two years ago a mentor, Prabhu Guptara, told me how to start my coaching business. I have been following his advice ever since. I suggest that if you are in coaching, consulting or solo-preneur services, that you follow his advice, too. Here it is:

Find your niche
Finding your nice, and doing a little research to make sure there are potential clients there is key. You can’t specialize in everything, so make sure you know what your niche is and create a little marketing phrase that explains your business. Mine is, “I help SME leaders achieve fast company growth so they can dominate their nice and double the company value in three years.”

Start a blog
Then, you need a blog- and a website, often they can be combined. It is recommended that you write once a week or twice a month to help potential clients see what you can do and what you are working on/thinking about. Remember to blog only about things that might interest potential clients.

Start networking
I wrote a recent blog on this … So I won’t say any more. It IS very important!

Start speaking
This is my slowest area, partially because I have to teach at the FHNW and then I don’t feel like speaking at other places, but I do, and have done it. You don’t have to look hard for engagements, but before you speak, you need to know if it is pro bono, or for a fee. Set your fee ahead of time

And stick to it.





Write an e-book
This is my present project- how about you? Most coaches and consultants I know are working on a book or two. I love writing and thus I can combine two loves at once: coaching and writing. The best advice here is to write regularly, best every day or every work-day.

Plus one- set a schedule for all of this and –keep going!
It is easy to lose track of these things and get lost in the minute details of each of these steps. But all are necessary. So, set a schedule and then keep at it. You, and your business will be thankful to me for it!

Enjoy your company growth, and should you want to visit my site: –Or join my group on LinkedIn:

Have a great week!
Patricia Jehle


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  1. Doug says:

    All excellent bits of advice, and not one of them is easy, especially the one about posting on the blog every week! Thanks, Patty.

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