What works? Grow your business, part 2

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Get clients and customers: What works!?!

Are you overbooked, yet?

I read Michael Mayer’s Seven Levels of Communication a wile ago and took his book to heart. Because of this ideas, I have almost more business than I can handle at the moment. So, what’s his premise?

Relationships are key. Authenticity and a great product are what matters.

I like that because that is how I work: relational and I am a person that honors my word. How about you? Are you curious about how this seven levels idea works?

Well, first, leave those big expensive advertising campaigns and direct mails to the rich guys who can waste their money. The return on investment for these activities is very small. Emails and other electronic communication is, at least, free. But electronic communication may not get you much further, either — so then what to do?

Do these:

Write a handwritten note, make a call, go to a meeting or an event where you meet someone, and have one-to-one meetings with your potential clients. It’s all abut relationship.

Relationships is what works.

Leave the direct mailing, advertising and electronic communication to giving out information about you and your product. That’s all. The way to becoming overbooked lies in relationship: meet people, write to people (by hand with stamped envelopes), and call people. Finally, set up one-to-one meetings and talk to the people face to face.

Where do you go to meet people?

Networking is key and yet, not all networking events are equal. I have written about this a few times, but it bears repeating. So, make a plan: go to what interests you and to where you might meet people that would (eventually) interest you. But go with the point of having fun, not “doing business”. Go to meet and, especially, to help others.  When you have these goals in mind, you will have a great time and meet new friends.

Who do you write to?

You need to target people who fit with your product and your ethos. Those are the people you write to. Do spend care on the writing process and do be honest about your intentions. Remember: integrity and relationship. When you write them, tell them you are going to call. Then follow through.

Who do you call?

The people you call are the potential clients that you hope to meet on a one-to-one basis. You have told them you are going to call and now you spend a little time (half an hour or even less) finding out if they and you fit together. There is no need to have a “spiel”, as your wonderful product should be what you offer with your best “you” backing it up. Remember, you are to be your authentic self and remember to smile. That smile can be heard over the phone.

Who to meet with on a one-to-one basis?

Those people have made it “past” the telephone stage and they are the people with whom you want to establish a business relationship. They should fit with your product, with your ethos, with you. Remember to have a call to action ready for them at the end of the meeting and remember to ask for action. Do not be shy. These people have taken the time to meet and listen to you in person so they are interested in you and you product. Go for it! Then, if they say yes, great. But what if they say “not now” or “no”?

If they say not now, ask when you should get back to them (and then do it). Keep track of those people very carefully.

If they say no, ask why and also what might make their mind change. Remember a no may be a not now, too, so be careful to make sure.

With this process practice and carried out you will be on your way to reaching your goals. But remember to be yourself and to have a great product.


Enjoy your company growth, and should you want to visit my site: www.jehle-coaching.com –Or join my group on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7041402

Have a great rest of the week!

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