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Distraction as a key to success (ASCDR)


Who ever thought that distraction can help you succeed? But it can!


-For those of you who overthink problems, or obsess about such issues as “technical problems”, distraction can really help

What do you do when you have an overriding problem, such as “the internet is down” that stops you dead in your tracks? Distract yourself and move on. A client of mine had such a problem last week, and with the help of my “distraction tool”, he was able to get a lot done, despite technical issues. Having a to do list helps, but best of all is to stop, say to yourself all will be solved in the end, distract yourself, totally refocus on a different job, and then move to something else on that to-do list.


-For those of you stuck in non-creativity, distraction can become your best friend

When everything you do seems like “blah-blah-blah” and nothing looks fun, energizing or worth doing anymore, distract yourself.  It’s time for a refocus on something completely different that will help you to find your creativity again. In this case, a short walk outside into nature may do the trick, or perhaps a quick look at old photos of fun activities with friends and family, or try a break with a great cup of coffee or tea and a conversation with a friend or colleague. These short distractions may be just the solution you need to move out of your non-creative rut.


-For those of you with the “Law of Jante” in your soul (or who am I to think I can do this), distraction may be the freedom your soul needs to break out, move on, and succeed.

Jante’s Law comes from the north, Scandinavia to be exact, and it runs in my veins, perhaps yours as well. It’s easy to think your idea is not really all that great, to think you are not special, and certainly not special enough to do something great. All these negative thoughts can get you into a dark thinking downward spiral. What do you do? STOP! And distract yourself. Just do it!


So, what’s the process?

A- Become aware: notice the obsessing, the stuck-ness, the negativity -and

S- Say “STOP”! catch yourself and call yourself on it – and

C- Choose your preferred distraction (you can go to my coaching pintrest board for a couple of good pins on self-distraction) – and

D- Distract yourself – and enjoy– and

R- Reboot and try again


The reboot may be you try the same activity again, or you do something totally new. It’s our choice. But you will, either way, be more productive.

No matter what, try and catch yourself, and then distract yourself when things are not going your way with your to-do list. REMEMBER: A-S-C-D-R.

Enjoy your week and your distracting! — and should you want to visit my site: www.jehle-coaching.com –Or join my group on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7041402

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