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Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017!

December 23rd, 2016

The time of annual Christmas letters and cards is upon us. I haven’t quite figured out how information much to put in this blog, as the family still prefers to remain anonymous, and quite understandably so. This year has seen a lot of movement, both personally and professionally.


Jehle Coaching

2016 has been a busy and productive year with my coaching business really getting started! Much has been tried, refined and there is growth. The plans for 2017 are also shaping up, and the networking continues, as well. I had a great year and went to some training, eg:


FHNW Coaching Congress: Coaching Meets Research

Over 250 participants from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria attended the 4th International Coaching Conference, which took place on 14/15 June 2016 in Olten, Switzerland. All participants shared a common interest, namely to find out what experts from both academic research and practice had to say about effects, quality, and evaluation of and in coaching.


Current Options for you to use Jehle Coaching’s Services


  • Expat coaching of all kinds
  • Expat start-up coaching
  • Start-up coaching
  • Transitions coaching (both within companies and for those looking for new challenges)
  • Business coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Masterminds and other ways of finding new solutions
  • Various training, including leadership and team leading


More training and new horizons

January 2017

Organic Quality Management Certificate Course® (confirmed) through 4Progress

“Through its research work, OQM® has identified quality features that are valid for both companies and associations and organizations in more than 70 countries. The principles behind OQM® are therefore transferable for every organizational form and company size. With OQM®, you focus on principles – not on trends.”


June 2017- April 2019

Supervisor and Master Coach Combined Course (planned, and very hopeful)

Also through 4Progress

“Supervision is a model of learning and development processes related to how job-related questions are handled, and ways of thinking and learning are demonstrated. (According to EASC). Supervision is based on knowledge and theories of psychology, sociology, social work, communication theories.


The training for the Master Coach EASC is a new qualification offered for coaches and this training is a consistent continuation of the training to Coach EASC, which I already have. Therefore, in addition to the broadening of psychological concepts, the reflection of coaching processes is also considerably deepened.”


I am still writing and really enjoying it!

I haven’t stopped and, have two on-going projects– and I do like writing these blogs, too!


Geneva Writers’ Group Conference

Participation in the 10th Geneva Writers’ Conference was really a treat as the conference welcomes writers from around the world to a weekend of workshops and panels led by authors, agents, editors and publishers from Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the US.  I continue to enjoy writing, with two books in progress as my weekly blog (see below). Keep your eyes peeled for at least one book to come out this next year, in 2017 if possible.



I still love teaching business communications at the FHNW

It’s amazing that I have stayed with one job so long and that means something: I love it! This year has been no different and I look forward to next semester, and the following school year with great anticipation. For my teaching “refreshment” I went to the ETAS Annual Convention and enjoyed the presentations and workshops.



I helped teach a short two-day course on leadership and team building

The course looked at how to lead effective teams in a medical environment and was co-taught with a colleague.


Yet not everything is easy

But there have been hard times, as well, professionally and personally.


The Alpha Group

Due to Brexit and GB pound issues, The Alpha Group as it is will be put on hold until further notice by Jehle Coaching. You may check what it is about at (under the Alpha Group).


I am, however, still conducting Masterminds as well as using other coaching tools.


This year has also seen the loss of a few neighbors, serious illness for dear friends, and the continued mourning of the loss of my mother at the end of last year.



Finally, I look forward to this holiday season, where I can step back, take a breath, reflect on the good and the hard, and anticipate a great 2017 to come!


May you and yours be blessed this season and throughout 2017!


Patricia Jehle

We are human, after all

December 19th, 2016


Have you made some mistakes, well, good! You’re human. So am I!

It is not the mistake or the failure that is the problem. Learning how to avoid failures from previous ones is the way to get ahead. Below you will find a list of 10 causes of failure, taken from Napoleon Hill (from Think and Grow Rich) and modernized for today. Quotes are from N. Hill.



  • Unorganized, “no time”

“No genuine leader is ever “too busy” to do anything which may be required …”

  • Pride

“Truly great leaders are willing … to perform any sort of labor which they would ask another to perform.”

  • Entitlement
  • Fear (especially from “followers”)
  • Uncreative, lack of imagination
  • Selfishness

“The leader who claims all the honor for the work of his followers is sure to be met by resentment.”

  • Intemperance (Hill’s actual term)

Intemperance causes disrespect and “destroy the endurance and vitality” of those who indulge.

  • Disloyalty

“The leader who is not loyal to his trust, and to his associates, those above… and below him, cannot long maintain his leadership.”

  • Too authoritarian
  • Too caught up in “title” and reputation

“The man who makes too much over his title generally has little else to emphasize.”


Also, from a more business-oriented perspective:

The major error-shaping factors at each level of performance (Reason, 1990)


Performance-Level Error-Shaping   Factors


1.   Recent-ness and frequency of previous use

2.   Environmental control signals

3.   Shared schema properties

4.   Concurrent plans



1.   Mind set (‘It’s always worked before’)

2.   Availability (‘First come best preferred’)

3.   Matching bias (‘like relates to like’)

4.   Over-simplification (e.g., ‘halo effect’)

5.   Over confidence (‘I’m sure I’m right’)



1.   Selectivity (bounded rationality)

2.   Working memory overload (bounded rationality)

3.   Out of sight out of mind (bounded rationality)

4.   Thematic ‘vagabonding’ and ‘encysting’

5.   Memory cueing/reasoning by analogy

6.   Matching bias revisited

7.   Incomplete/incorrect mental model




Why it’s actually good to fail, if responded to correctly- learning with questions:

Why did it make sense that I/they/we did it that way? What was my/their/our part in the mistake?


These next few weeks are a good time for us to reflect, to think about the positives and negatives of 2016 and make a balance that is good: learn from the mistakes; continue the good; move onward and upward towards a GREAT 2017!

For a great read from The Entrepreneur on failure:

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,

Patricia Jehle, Jehle Coaching


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Shake it up! Robots, Business Ideas, and Relational Thinking

December 12th, 2016

Going places and Meeting People

The past week or so has seen some interesting developments in my activities. They have to do with Robots, Business Ideas at the FHNW and attending a talk and a book launch of “The Relational Lens” in Geneva.


Business ideas: gin and the Internet of Things

I was honored to have been invited to an event called “Business Ideas” at school last Thursday night- sponsored by Swiss Upstart, CTI Entrepreneurs and IFJ AG


We were invited to hear about CTI courses ( ) and the start-up contests the school supports, of course but also to hear two different stories of very different business ideas and the lessons they have learned on their way as entrepreneurs.


One company works as a service company with big data and other web support services. The other company distills and sells its own liquor. Having two such entrepreneurs in the room who had varied experiences and ideas was helpful for those of us in the room: FHNW students, business owners and leaders, and others.



Alterlis is a service company dealing with The Internet of Things. The CEO suggested that start-ups focus on customers and sales and do not for get that, ever. He gave a very good list of what to do when starting up and in what order: idea (meaning and use), name, logo, motivation (of all involved), responsibilities, taxes and legal issues, ethics (for all- clarified), how to deal with numbers and cash (notary and bookkeeping)UT the same VISION). In a fifteen-minute presentation the basics were given clearly.


Gin and Vodka from Zürich

Better Taste distills and sells liquor and has done very well since starting up. The group of four started with an idea and worked on a (secret) gin recipe until it was just right. Then they began producing and selling their product, Turicum Gin. It helped that they had contacts into the Zürich night-club scene and that they knew the market as well as the product. All their marketing has been of the boot-strapping kind and yet they are doing quite well, having moved into black figures just after 9 months of production. One of their best marketing methods is sponsoring their own events with their products being available.


Personal Robots

Last Tuesday I and a few others spent the afternoon at a plant where personal robots are being designed, developed, and made for use ( ).   That afternoon was a personal dream come true because I have always been a fan of science fiction and I felt like I was inside one of those books I have read.


Personal robots can be maids, cooks and butlers, but also medical providers and home health givers. They can be personal assistants of any kind. And they can learn. The recognize faces and voices, and can be run via an app. Wow. I am still digesting all of this. I have friends who could really use this kind of help– and I would like one, myself, one day.


The Relational Lens – Book Launch and Seminar

Soon I will be on the train to Geneva to a Relational Thinking Network event. This is what is written about today’s talk: “Launched in London on 24 October 2016, ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, measuring and managing stakeholder relationships’ will be introduced by Dr. Michael Schluter, CBE, the founder of the Relational Thinking Network and one of the book’s co-authors. The Relational Lens explores the crucial role of relationships in social capital, risk management, value creation and competitive advantage. It describes the Relational Proximity framework® – an analytic tool which has been used in a variety of contexts to understand, measure, strengthen and repair relationships, positively influencing outcomes.” Of course, I expect I will buy that book.


And you?

What are you doing this week or month to shake up your life and to think outside of your box? Look around and you will find some thing(s), I am sure. Have a successful week!


Patricia Jehle


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Do You have FOMO?

December 5th, 2016

Do you have FOMO?

Fear of Missing Out– when you google FOMO you will fine a wiki definition: “Fear of missing out or FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social angst is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.”


I Warn you: WATCH OUT –this is for Business Leaders, too!

Let’s apply that to business: Missing out on a (or the) business opportunity. Do you have that fear, watch out! You can – and will be manipulated if you have this fear!


Negative effects

Susceptible to advertising

One of the most common “advertising” tricks is this: You may be missing out on your best opportunity. Lately I have seen it in German, “Achtung! Aufgepassed!” and almost every day something comes into my email in-box saying that I may be missing “the opportunity of my life”. Who says? Those people really want my time, my money, but they really don’t want me and who I am. Be careful not to accept this kind of play.


Pressured into quick/poor decisions

Often they add a phrase, “limited time offer”. This is a ploy to make you decide too quickly before you can reflect. It’s one principal of what Dr. Robert Cialdini calls the “6 principals of persuasion”: the principle of Scarcity. It calls people to action when there is, most likely, no need for it at the moment. Be careful and do not be pressured. The opportunity will probably come around again and be offered by the same firm or person. Take your time.


Frozen – overwhelmed by too many opportunities

Are you overwhelmed? Join the rest of the world in this and work on ways to filter. There is too much information and there are too many opportunities out there for any one human being. You just have to deal with your finiteness, find ways that help you to be yourself and not be pressured. Do not let the options rule you- you must choose and rule over your choices. Are you still stuck with FOMO, then read below for some advice.


How to avoid FOMO in life and business

Find your passion and choose your goals accordingly

This helps the most. If you have a passion for something(s) those other pressuring opportunities will seem shallow and a waste of your time. You will be able to see the right opportunities and delete the other ones immediately from your email. I love that delete button. A lot!


Make your goals SMART

Most of you know this- but if you have specific, measureable, agreed upon (by the group/team), reachable (or realistic), and with a Timeline, you have great goals and can reach them! This will allow you to see if those opportunities fit with your goals and trash all that don’t. Keep your GOALS SMART. Nebulous goals will lead to indecision and wishy-washy actions. It also makes you quite susceptible to FOMO.


Keep your focus on your goals, and intentionally filter out “all the junk”

Focus can really bring about success in a way that is almost unexplainable, rather miraculous. So, keep your focus on your goals and all else will wash away like dust on your windshield. You will be happier, healthier and much less stressed, as well as not as susceptible to FOMO.


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Patricia Jehle