Do You have FOMO?

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Do you have FOMO?

Fear of Missing Out– when you google FOMO you will fine a wiki definition: “Fear of missing out or FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social angst is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.”


I Warn you: WATCH OUT –this is for Business Leaders, too!

Let’s apply that to business: Missing out on a (or the) business opportunity. Do you have that fear, watch out! You can – and will be manipulated if you have this fear!


Negative effects

Susceptible to advertising

One of the most common “advertising” tricks is this: You may be missing out on your best opportunity. Lately I have seen it in German, “Achtung! Aufgepassed!” and almost every day something comes into my email in-box saying that I may be missing “the opportunity of my life”. Who says? Those people really want my time, my money, but they really don’t want me and who I am. Be careful not to accept this kind of play.


Pressured into quick/poor decisions

Often they add a phrase, “limited time offer”. This is a ploy to make you decide too quickly before you can reflect. It’s one principal of what Dr. Robert Cialdini calls the “6 principals of persuasion”: the principle of Scarcity. It calls people to action when there is, most likely, no need for it at the moment. Be careful and do not be pressured. The opportunity will probably come around again and be offered by the same firm or person. Take your time.


Frozen – overwhelmed by too many opportunities

Are you overwhelmed? Join the rest of the world in this and work on ways to filter. There is too much information and there are too many opportunities out there for any one human being. You just have to deal with your finiteness, find ways that help you to be yourself and not be pressured. Do not let the options rule you- you must choose and rule over your choices. Are you still stuck with FOMO, then read below for some advice.


How to avoid FOMO in life and business

Find your passion and choose your goals accordingly

This helps the most. If you have a passion for something(s) those other pressuring opportunities will seem shallow and a waste of your time. You will be able to see the right opportunities and delete the other ones immediately from your email. I love that delete button. A lot!


Make your goals SMART

Most of you know this- but if you have specific, measureable, agreed upon (by the group/team), reachable (or realistic), and with a Timeline, you have great goals and can reach them! This will allow you to see if those opportunities fit with your goals and trash all that don’t. Keep your GOALS SMART. Nebulous goals will lead to indecision and wishy-washy actions. It also makes you quite susceptible to FOMO.


Keep your focus on your goals, and intentionally filter out “all the junk”

Focus can really bring about success in a way that is almost unexplainable, rather miraculous. So, keep your focus on your goals and all else will wash away like dust on your windshield. You will be happier, healthier and much less stressed, as well as not as susceptible to FOMO.


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