Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017!

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The time of annual Christmas letters and cards is upon us. I haven’t quite figured out how information much to put in this blog, as the family still prefers to remain anonymous, and quite understandably so. This year has seen a lot of movement, both personally and professionally.


Jehle Coaching

2016 has been a busy and productive year with my coaching business really getting started! Much has been tried, refined and there is growth. The plans for 2017 are also shaping up, and the networking continues, as well. I had a great year and went to some training, eg:


FHNW Coaching Congress: Coaching Meets Research

Over 250 participants from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria attended the 4th International Coaching Conference, which took place on 14/15 June 2016 in Olten, Switzerland. All participants shared a common interest, namely to find out what experts from both academic research and practice had to say about effects, quality, and evaluation of and in coaching.


Current Options for you to use Jehle Coaching’s Services


  • Expat coaching of all kinds
  • Expat start-up coaching
  • Start-up coaching
  • Transitions coaching (both within companies and for those looking for new challenges)
  • Business coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Masterminds and other ways of finding new solutions
  • Various training, including leadership and team leading


More training and new horizons

January 2017

Organic Quality Management Certificate Course® (confirmed) through 4Progress

“Through its research work, OQM® has identified quality features that are valid for both companies and associations and organizations in more than 70 countries. The principles behind OQM® are therefore transferable for every organizational form and company size. With OQM®, you focus on principles – not on trends.”


June 2017- April 2019

Supervisor and Master Coach Combined Course (planned, and very hopeful)

Also through 4Progress

“Supervision is a model of learning and development processes related to how job-related questions are handled, and ways of thinking and learning are demonstrated. (According to EASC). Supervision is based on knowledge and theories of psychology, sociology, social work, communication theories.


The training for the Master Coach EASC is a new qualification offered for coaches and this training is a consistent continuation of the training to Coach EASC, which I already have. Therefore, in addition to the broadening of psychological concepts, the reflection of coaching processes is also considerably deepened.”


I am still writing and really enjoying it!

I haven’t stopped and, have two on-going projects– and I do like writing these blogs, too!


Geneva Writers’ Group Conference

Participation in the 10th Geneva Writers’ Conference was really a treat as the conference welcomes writers from around the world to a weekend of workshops and panels led by authors, agents, editors and publishers from Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the US.  I continue to enjoy writing, with two books in progress as my weekly blog (see below). Keep your eyes peeled for at least one book to come out this next year, in 2017 if possible.



I still love teaching business communications at the FHNW

It’s amazing that I have stayed with one job so long and that means something: I love it! This year has been no different and I look forward to next semester, and the following school year with great anticipation. For my teaching “refreshment” I went to the ETAS Annual Convention and enjoyed the presentations and workshops.



I helped teach a short two-day course on leadership and team building

The course looked at how to lead effective teams in a medical environment and was co-taught with a colleague.


Yet not everything is easy

But there have been hard times, as well, professionally and personally.


The Alpha Group

Due to Brexit and GB pound issues, The Alpha Group as it is will be put on hold until further notice by Jehle Coaching. You may check what it is about at (under the Alpha Group).


I am, however, still conducting Masterminds as well as using other coaching tools.


This year has also seen the loss of a few neighbors, serious illness for dear friends, and the continued mourning of the loss of my mother at the end of last year.



Finally, I look forward to this holiday season, where I can step back, take a breath, reflect on the good and the hard, and anticipate a great 2017 to come!


May you and yours be blessed this season and throughout 2017!


Patricia Jehle


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