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Unplug and Reboot!

June 27th, 2017

Let it Go!

My teen-age sons still love the Disney song Let it Go, but they prefer their own version, which I suspect they got from iFunny. You can either look for some humorous versions on the internet or just use your own imagination. My sons can be very graphic sometimes FYI. But the song is correct in its philosophy.

Reboot: take time and think

Sometimes we need to unplug, reboot, and let go to be able to change or continue in the chosen direction. We need time to think and reflect if we want to really succeed. Sometimes I think our minds and bodies are a bit like computers; when something isn’t working, we should probably stop and reboot.



A while ago I had to stop work as I came down with a bad cough that turned out to be more serious than I expected. I worked on Monday and then till midday on Tuesday and after that I had to give in and cancel the “week”, including work and fun. The time spent in bed regenerating and not thinking and over-thinking about work and business actually did me a great deal of good. I even came up with some blogging ideas.


But you can unplug without getting ill.


It’s often called a retreat, but it could also be a day away either with other like-minded people working on your life, your company, your “bigger picture”, or a retreat all on your own. You may say that is a luxury, but for sustained growth, both in business and in your personal life, that time away to think is necessary. That is what a Mastermind Meeting serves to do, as well. It’s what a coach can do for you, too in a coaching session. But a retreat is also very good and I just went on one with a friend a few weeks ago, and I plan on another in August.



After you unplug, you need to reboot and implement the new ideas, changes and plans you made while you were away reflecting. Without that implementation the time away can be wasted, or worse, we may have to even re-learn the same lesson. I have learned many things about my body and the physical signs I need to pay attention to when I need to unplug. What signs do you need to pay attention to, in body, mind, spirit – and business or at work in general? Where are the breaking points or the healthy boundaries that should not be overstepped? How do you need to change? Where are the directions of new paths going to lead you? And most importantly: What do you want to do different next time?


Let it go!

But to do the new, there probably will have to be some letting go going on, for your part. What old patterns are getting in the way of your progress? What old expectations are in the way? What has to be cut out to bring about new growth? Is there any pruning needed in your business or personal gardens? And the questions go on.


Have a great week!

Thinking with you,

Patricia Jehle


Summer Concentration Tips

June 20th, 2017

Summer is a lovely time of great weather, outdoor and water sports, vacations, barbeques, soirées and general fun. But one can get distracted in the middle of the fun and forget our business – and life goals. We need an easy way to keep on track when we are trying to focus.

Having a hard time concentrating when the great outdoors is calling?

Here are some tips:


  • Keep you list of summer goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding and time-based)
  • Write your goals down and make a plan to reach them
  • Visualize the positive effect of reaching this goal. See yourself “already there”.
  • Write down the goal for the week each week at the beginning of the week (or on Friday afternoon) and break it up into daily goals
  • Write down your goal for each day at the beginning of the day and say it out loud – and then say it again after lunch
  • At the end of each day – and each week – readjust your list
  • When you reach each goal, whether small or large, “pay” yourself with a coffee break, some chocolate, and my favorite: reading a chapter in a novel. The bigger the goal, the bigger the prize. Choose what fits you and is healthy enough, and not too expensive.
  • At the end of the week if you have reached your big goal, besides rewarding yourself, set a “harder” goal for t he following week. See how big a goal you can reach!
  • Finally, take care of yourself: practice good “mental health” activities such as eating a healthy diet, exercising, meditating, get enough sleep, attempt to stay in a positive environment, and keep on growing.


If you work on each of these things you will move onward and upward in the midst of the summer fun and parties.


Finally, for those who have their own company, here is a great article to read about summer slow-downs:


Enjoy the summer!

Have a successful week!


Patricia Jehle

Not holiday time quite yet?

No – Yes, and what then?

June 13th, 2017

Your “Why” is important!

Why do you choose to do something and not another alternative? A friend has chosen not to do an activity because of what others will think or say of the choice. I saw some red flags; do you?

Why not do it?

There are a number of reasons not to do something, but “what people will say” is one of the last reasons on my list. How about yours?


Here are some good reasons not to do something:


  • It’s illegal.
  • It will hurt someone.
  • I don’t want to do it.
  • I don’t have the money or want to spend the money on it.


It’s illegal

I follow the laws of the land, attempting to be a good citizen, not out of fear, but the support the social system. This means, for example, I pay for my garbage bag stickers and put my garbage in them, and not at some random public garbage can. I do however, put found garbage and my chewing gum in public cans.


This activity will hurt someone

Most of us know a lot of information that could hurt someone else, either personally or professionally. If I choose to share information, say via the internet, that would be hurtful, and I wouldn’t do it. Hurting people for my perceived gain is not something I do, even when it feels more like vilifying myself than “gaining”.


I also follow my heart

If I don’t want to do something and I don’t have to do it, I say “no”. I have to do my own taxes, but I don’t have to say yes to someone else’s projects. If I’m not passionate about it, why spend time on it? In then end, it would be doing that person (and the project) a disservice, since my heart would not be in it, I wouldn’t give my all for it. So, I follow my heart.


Following your heart leads to doing the things you are passionate about. This leads to great personal and work performance, and happier days as a result. What’s then to lose when you say no to the wrong things, and say yes to the right things?


Economic reasons

If I don’t have the money, I often choose to say no to an activity, also, if I think that the activity is too expensive for the return, it is not my choice. Thus, I have bootstrapped my company so far and I am satisfied with the results.


Don’t decide from fear; it’s a trap

My friend used the word fear a lot in this conversation about not wanting to do something – for fear of what others say. Personally, I really don’t want to make fear-driven decisions because, according to neurologists and other people who know a lot about the brain and decision-making, when one feels fear the brain is “stuck” in the most reptilian-like part of the brain. Thus, flight and fight are the normal responses, and not logical decision-making processes. Not very healthy or logical in its working, this lizard-like part of the brain is analysis-free.



Instead, stop and think about your reasons for the fear and for your reaction, breathe and refocus.



Realize what part of the brain you are using and become curious about your fear. Ask questions and think about whether your fear is justified, or not.



Take time to calm down and relax. Use one of the many breathing exercises, like the four-square breathing exercise, and focus on your body’s reaction to your emotions.



Reflect on your assumptions. They may – or may not – be correct. Analyze your decision. Think about all the possible “what ifs”, if you did x, y or z. Ask yourself questions: Would I like the result? Would it actually be helpful for me, for my company, for my family, for others?


So, stop, breathe, think, question – and make decisions from good reasoning and not from fear.

After stopping, breathe and THINK.

Have a great week!


Patricia Jehle



Joy, Hope and Beauty

June 5th, 2017

My life is full and busy with positive activities full of joy hope and beauty.

Wedding of an octogenarian widow

This past weekend my husband and I attended a wedding and it was really very special. The groom is a (80+ year old) friend of ours who lost his wife a few years back, and the bride is a long-time friend of the both the husband and (his deceased) wife. This wedding gives me, and many people, hope – such positive expectations for life, and a plan for a future together makes me so joyful!

celebrations, especially weddings, give me joy

Meetings meetings meetings, but good ones!

Not all meetings are bad and last Friday I attended a mid-term project meeting of some students that was quite positive. This week I have a few more meetings that I am really looking forward to, and soon I will be starting some brand new coaching sessions with new clients, too. This all gives me quite some energy!

Holidays, short and long (TI and Pentecost)

Switzerland celebrates the moveable feasts. Over Ascension a friend and I went to the Ticino where we enjoyed the weather, lovely architecture and people, the mountains and Lake Lugano. It was a relaxing time of fun. This weekend is Pentecost and we have Monday off, I hope for a day trip somewhere with another new friend.


Going with visitors to places that I enjoy has always been fun: castles, the Alsace, the Black Forest, the Ticino, and the Bremgarten WhitSun market are some that I have been to recently with visitors from abroad. Fun, beauty and good food rolled into a package of hanging out with great people.


I have been reading again. I have enjoyed quite a number of books late, but my reading list is as long as ever. Besides Henry Cloud’s Integrity, I am reading The Resilience Factor by Dr. Karen Reivich and Dr. Andrew Shatté and Ps. Ich Lebe Gern by Heinz and Ann Zindel – and some historical novels to keep me entertained… What are you reading?

What are you reading?

Art and Museums

One of my new friends and I have a tradition of attending art museums together. I enjoy the exhibits, and my friend is adept in modern art and can help me enjoy and understand it better. We will be attending a museum exhibit this week, and I am so looking forward to it! Another friend sells sculptures – and she has an open day on Saturday, and … Need I say more?


I continue to write and am considering finishing one of my rough drafts this summer and a second one in the fall. They are both almost done, but would take quite some refining. Besides that, I have found myself a new writers’ group that is closer than Geneva and am hoping for some support from them.

Coffee with friends

Finally, on Saturday after that lovely wedding we had coffee at an “old” friend’s place and a good talk. It is great to connect with people and to have important discussions with them. I look forward to one or two more of those discussions in the near future with some other friends.

What makes your life full and joyful? What have you been up to? I wish you a positive week full of joy, hope and beauty!

Patricia Jehle