Summer Check-up

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Summer Reflection Check-up

It is already July and so perhaps you should take some time for a reflective check-up. It is important to regularly reflect upon your goals and check your progress to make changes and keep on your chosen course. First you must ask yourself good questions.

Time to think about how our year is going

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my goals (yearly and quarterly) and where am I at regarding them right now? What changes need to be made to reach those goals, or do I need to re-work the goals?
  • How am I doing with my work and personal relationships? Where do I need to change here?
  • How am I doing with boundaries? Do I have enough time and energy to get my work done and have healthy relationships?
  • What am I doing daily for me, for my health and well-being?
  • How has my attitude been lately? Do I need an adjustment in attitude? How can that be best achieved?

Let’s look at a few of ideas for the rest of this blog, namely “me time” and integrity.



Integrity, in the end is what will allow you to truly succeed. If you are a person of integrity you are like this, according to Dr. Henry Cloud from his book integrity,


  • You connect authentically (and thus build trust) – your relationships are real
  • You are oriented towards speaking and wanting to know the truth (operates in reality) – no more elephants in the room, for example
  • You get results and finish well (reaches goals, follows the mission, gets profits)
  • You are able to deal with conflict and hard truths (solving problems, transforming problems, ending problems) – you go through the problems
  • You are growth oriented (leads to increase) and see the positives
  • You see and can explain the big picture (systems are not scary, and you are able to transcend) – systemic thinking is part of your skill set


Me time

As it is summer and maybe you should be focusing on some R&R, I have a list of activities you can do for personal “me time”, even before you go on holiday. Some of the activities don’t have to be done alone and in fact, some of the items on the list are social, but remember even extroverts need time alone, to recharge and think things through.

Have some fun, even before your vacation begins


  • Read what you want, not what’s on your “to read” list.
  • Watch a TV show you have chosen yourself.
  • Exercise, your choice of activity.
  • Take a walk (perhaps with your dog, if you have one, as I do).
  • Get a mani/pedi or a massage, or all three.
  • Take a (short or on-line)course that interests you.
  • Work on your hobby, including making something. Or start a new one.


Much more could be said about these ideas. In fact, many books have been written. But enough said here- just remember to reflect and ask yourself questions, and that this time of year is a perfect time to do it.  Enjoy your week and may it be full of integrity, productive and healthy!


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