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A while ago over coffee I was once again reminded about the fact that priorities are so very important, but especially to those who are starting their own business. After eleven years of success, my entrepreneur friend has some wisdom to share about what counts. My friend’s start-up story is not common, but his focus on the priorities in life is his key to a successful business. Here is his wisdom in a nutshell:

People are the most important asset – in your team and life

Your life is more important than work, more important than business.

What you do for a job is meant to help you live a healthy and integrative life, not the other way around. You need to know your values and work according to them so that all you do fits with your person. When you have a balanced view of life and work the business becomes the means to an end: a good life, well-lived.


People and relationships are more important than business and “progress”.

When your priorities are in order, the person in front of you becomes valuable as a human being, more valuable than the business he or she may offer you. Then all your activities are relational and not just results-driven. Thus numbers will not count more than the relationships with the people involved in the enterprise. The business holds capital is in the human aspect more than the numerical aspect.


Respect for the culture and respect for the individual are keys to success.

Whether the person in front of you is a handworker or a CEO, treat each person with the respect due them. There is inherent value in each individual we meet and we view each one as a potential new friend, a colleague. Also, as human beings, we belong to our respective cultures, and those cultures are to be respected and not just “used” to for financial gain. By cultures, they can be the traditional “anthropological” cultures, but also other cultures that may be more global in nature. No matter what kind of culture, the culture should be valued.

Your integrity is your calling card.

Your name and brand are only as good as your word and your integrity. My friend spoke warmly of old business partners who shook hands and took him at his word – and he took them at their word. Those relationships and businesses are still going well. Your reputation for integrity is a “gold calling card” that will open doors for you.

Creativity is great, integrity is better.

When we value people more than success, when we live out our values at work as well as at home and have a life that is full of integrity, we need not worry as much about the numbers because then they become less important to us. It is not surprising, however, that my entrepreneur friend is doing quite well in his international consulting business that has lasted over fifteen years.


BEST Wisdom

Therein lies his wisdom: priorities. I would add that time is your most precious commodity and spending it with people you care about is really the key to a good life. How are you spending your time this week?


Patricia Jehle



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