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A time to laugh and a time to cry

A wise man once wrote something like this: “There is a time under heaven for everything: a time to laugh and a time to cry…” And, no it was not a Beatle who wrote it first. Last week I blogged about using your negative emotions about terrible circumstances to get going (http://wp.me/p5Y10a-3FJ ) and do something, and I must admit, after Barcelona and the other happenings of this past week, it would be good for some of us to continue in this direction.


But there is also a time for celebration and I have just had some good times of celebration, especially over the weekend.


A Wedding

First, I went to a very celebratory wedding. For me a highlight was when the pastor called the (sitting) bride back to the middle of the church and made her pirouette for the whole church to see. The people cheered and clapped in appreciation of the bride and the festivity.



Then there is Badenfahrt. I can’t say “was” because it goes on till the evening of the 27th. But the family has been going to it off an on since it started last Friday night. It is expected that a million people will attend the gala celebration by the end of the week. I have also been able to volunteer for our village’s restaurant/bar, the Freienwil Bergbahn, for a couple of evenings. That was a blast, serving people and working with neighbors to make our guests satisfied. I expect I will be going a few more times before the festival is over, and I am looking forward to more fun!

Badenfahrt on the bridge

Celebrate creating

Last week I got to play and celebrate with kids, too. We celebrated their creations. I went and volunteered with a group who helps refugees, and this time we went to a center and made bread with about 14 refugee children. It was sweet to see the smaller ones knead and eat the dough, while the older ones were seriously focused on their creations of bread-art (turtles, people, snails, braids, etc.). A few kids kneaded their dough so long that the chocolate bits in the dough melted from the heat of their hands. At the end we all celebrated the children’s accomplishments, as the beautiful bread creations came out of the oven smelling wonderful, and looking great!


What are you celebrating?

It is good to celebrate with one another. Are you celebrating a new “win” for your business or for your career? Are you celebrating with others, as they celebrate, you can too! Are you going out to something like Badenfahrt, or attending a wedding? There is a time for these good things and sometimes, like vacation, we need celebrations. They are good for our souls.


This week I wish you one full of joy and thankfulness as you celebrate!

Patricia Jehle

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