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I’ve moved my website Part 2

November 7th, 2018

Here’s a new blog:


I’ve moved my blog

October 16th, 2018

I’ve moved my blog to

Here’s the blog for October 16th, 2018- I’m closing this down at the end of 2018.


Focus! Too much to do?

So I resurfaced today from a very long weekend abroad and found a long list of to dos waiting for me. I used the POSEC and Eisenhowermodels to help me.  Being the practical person that I am, I have kept the “first things first” attitude and worked on the Eisenhower Principal this week.  The idea comes from a quote by former US president Eisenhower: “I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.”

This little tool helps me clarify my priorities and delegate the non-essentials.  Here’s how it goes:


You have four variables for each task on your to do list: important or not, and urgent (time-wise) or not.  That leaves you with the most important jobs that are important and urgent to do first. In the grid, these activities are in red.


Then you have the activities which you put into your agenda and keep.  These are the important activities that are not urgent.  In the grid you find them in green.  I would add all the activities that keep you a healthy and happy person here, as well as the job to-dos.


Since I own my business consultancy and have nobody to delegate to, the orange box means I have to “outsource”.  At the moment, this is only the cleaner, my husband or children.  But if you are working in a team, have an apprentice, or an employee, the urgent but not important activities are to be delegated.


Finally there are the things from your list that are just “fluff”.  Get rid of those things as they are neither urgent nor important and they waste your time.

Once you have your list of to-dos in order of priority, you go on with the POSEC Model


Done using the Matrix?  Then set first things first (the do no section)


Decide what are one-time, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily activities and by importance and urgency, organize your day, week, etc. 


The activities hat must be done that you dislike.  And, after the DO list do these

to “get them over with”, as they can drain you of energy, if left undone for too long.  Here the proverbial “Just do it!” comes in to play.


Do not spend too much time on the fun things so you have no time left over for the DO  list  Be careful not to waste your time and make sureyou are using your best energy time on the your important things and lowest energy time on the less important (but urgent) things.


Contribute to society by doing one or two things that you are passionate about that are for the “greater good”.  This, in turn will keep you energized about life and work.

Finally, remember, after your DO list, to do the “worst things” to get them done and not weighing on you, stay positive and take frequent (but short) breaks to keep your mind fresh and focused, and enjoy the summer weather out there!

One more phrase:  EAT the FROG first.  In other words, do the least attractive/fun thing first.  Do not go for the easiest, most energizing item on your list to begin the day.  That you can do at 3pm in the afternoon.

What Story are You Telling

June 26th, 2018

The story I’m telling myself:

I saw something and felt it was wrong, so instead of accusing, I told my friend this: “The story I’m telling myself* is x.  Is that true?”  I got an answer and that helped clarify some things.  We need to watch how we “believe the truth”.

Truth Believe Act Feel

the way to do it: decide on the truth, believe it, act on it, and let feelings follow

I wish those four words turned into an acronym, but alas, no.

However, even without an acronym, they are a wise way of processing thoughts (which may or may not be truths) and actions.  When I take a truth, such as you are a unique human being of worth, and then decide to believe and act on that truth, my feelings of self-worth should increase.  That is a good process.

This process of checking our thoughts and feelings according to what is true may keep us from inaccurate thoughts and poor choices. More on this another time.

One Truth: We ALL Can Change and Grow

One of the truths about us humans besides our innate worth is our ability to change and learn.  Thus, I can say that I am able to change my habits and learn new healthier ones. This is a truth that I can believe about myself and about the person facing me.   What a liberating thought, and it is completely true!

Believe it!

When I believe that change is part of our human abilities, all sorts of possibilities open up for me, for you, for the person in front of me.  Wow, what would you like to change?  I don’t mean physical appearance and other superficial things.  I mean, would you like to be more organized?  You can be!  Would you like to be a “go-getter”?  Well then, you can be!  Would you like to… the possibilities are enormous.  But you must take that truth, I can change, to heart and really believe it.

Act on it!

Then, take that belief and put it to the test.  Act like it is true.  You have to start moving, trying and trying again.  There is work in change.  It’s not just a mindset, but a way of living.  Thus, to become organized, you have to start organizing and setting up some systems of organization.  It’s not “magic”, it’s thinking and acting in new ways.  It’s learning and changing.  It’s a process.  And you must start somewhere and then move to change.

The feelings will follow.

When I start working on the change I want, the probability of a failure must be accepted.  We all fail and then what happens after the failure is key.  We must look at that failure, and not punish ourselves, but really look at it, reflect on it, learn from it, and take it into consideration for “the next time”. When we feel that it is okay to make mistakes, to fall down and get back into the “ring of life”, we are going to make the change we want.  We who learn from our mistakes are the ones who succeed in the end.

I have to admit that it is easy to write this blog where I am today- in the summer at home. The sun is warm, the air full of fragrant blossoms, and the friend and I are back to “normal”, too.

So, what are you believing (about yourself, or about others) today?

Patricia Jehle

*thanks to the wonderful Brené Brown for this tool.  From her vulnerability book, I believe.

Break up that stress!

January 31st, 2017

Feeling the stress? Change it up!

One of the wisest pieces of advice I have ever been given about writing is also applicable to life and work, especially at this time in the world. It’s called the Hat Scene.


The Hat Scene

The idea is this: When the tension gets too high, when everybody is on the edge of their seats in the movie theater or turning the pages of a book like mad, the main character takes a break and does something completely different, which must be entertaining and lighthearted. The term, I do not know if it was the speaker’s or not, comes from a movie called “Sleeping with the Enemy,” a psycho-thriller; and at one point when you can’t stand it any longer two main protagonists go to a school where one teaches theater and they try on hats, that’s all. The whole scene is full of fun and fanciful play. The viewers get a break in the tension so we are ready for what comes next.


Breaking tension gives room for creativity.


Now for something completely different:

Fun, fanciful play and a total change of scenery are really good for the soul, but also for your creativity and energy at work. That little time away doing an entertaining or exciting activity really different from normal can rejuvenate you and get you ready for something new or prepare you for some hard work ahead.


Here’s the idea.


Plan a break

Take a break when the going gets tough, but not too long of one, of course. A day, half-day or even a two-hour break will do. The point is to take your focus off whatever is bringing you to that level of stress where you don’t have an answer.


Then: BREATHE! Do some preparation so you are really not focusing on your “issue”, whatever it is.


Break it up and mix it up

Change the place, change the activity, if possible, change your clothes- or preferably all

Do some activity you usually don’t do. For me, reading a book may not “do it,” because that is a regular activity for me. But, going to a temporary art exhibit, walking along an unfamiliar path, watching a movie in a theater, and maybe even going to a hat shop and trying on hats would be appropriate for me, it’s whatever you don’t usually do.


Yesterday I went to see La la Land – this was a very appropriate break for me. Music, dancing, sunshine, bright colors. It was great! Before that I attended a small private art show of a friend of a friend, which also was colorful and brought spring into the gray of my Swiss winter.

It is also true that the place can help. Go outside and take a walk, go to a new space to and enjoy the light, perhaps you can work there for a while. If you usually work at a desk, find a table somewhere else. If you work at home, try some co-working space, if possible. Shake up your formula.


But why?

Our brains react to that change and they become more creative. We are not stuck in “every day” mode and we come up with better ideas. Our brains respond to the change positively and then when we begin to look for solutions to old stressful problems, we can generate new ideas. That’s why companies work off-site sometimes. That’s why masterminds are helpful.


So, what’s after the break? Move on!!!

Take that walk, go to that exhibit, change your work place or routine, go on a short holiday, find a Mastermind group (or join one of mine). But whatever you decide, you should remember to keep changing things around and shaking things up once in a while, for you, and for your job’s and/or company’s sake. That’s how you will become more creative and productive.


Enjoy your creative muse even in stressful times, and should you want to visit my site: –Or join my group on LinkedIn:


Have a great week!

Patricia Jehle


Humor helps

Nine Plus one Networking Ideas

September 8th, 2016
Fun networking!

Fun networking!

Nine Networking Ideas, plus one

Everyone I know seems to get a little worried when they enter a room full of strangers. Even Amy Cuddy tweeted that she’s still working on it! (“Yes, I still feel socially anxious. I’m at a reception with hundreds of strangers, too nervous to introduce myself. Still working on it!“)—I just had a conversation about the topic with a client and here’s a summary of my take on the subject, nine ideas PLUS a question, and a tenth idea:


Before you go, do three things:

Choose something that really interests you and that you think you will find people with whom you can meet in a meaningful way. I would like book launches (of book topics I am interested in) and TEDtalks, for example. You would also find me at some art exhibit opening. What interests you? What kind of person interests you?

Once you have chosen a venue you should do a little research. Who is going? What is the program for the event? Then, if you do this, post it on your social media. For example, I went to the Pink Ribbon Walk last Sunday and remembered to post it on FB… I will do so on Twitter, now because I forgot to before hand.

Visualize yourself there having a good time. Prepare by setting your expectations realistically. How many people will you think you can manage really meeting in a meaningful way at this event? One? Two? Three? Set your limits (time and what you will do) and make sure you follow them. Know when you plan to leave and stick to your plans. You will be happier if you do this.


During your time there do three more things:

When you arrive (or shortly before you leave home) do the Amy Cuddy (à la book Presence) Wonder Woman Pose. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands on hips. Stand and smile at yourself- for a good three minutes. A single-person bathroom works, so does doing it at home. But do it. It is research-proven that this ill help you feel confident about yourself. Also, if you are really interested in this practice, email me, and/or read the book.

Treat each networking event as a learning experience, not a performance. That means you are “just practicing”, “just learning”. If you do that combined with the next step, you will enjoy yourself and be able to look at these events as more and more fun.

Enjoy and Be
Most of the people organizing the events enjoy them or they would not do them. Remember that they try and make it enjoyable for you, the participant. Find someone you seem to “click” with, do what you enjoy. Relax and …

Be yourself.
When you are yourself you will find meaningful new relationships at the event. AND that’s the real goal: to start a new relationship with someone that seems to click with you. The point is not to “get as many business contacts as you can”, but to be yourself with other people who you may enjoy doing work with in the future (or maybe not work with at all). These people are people you try and serve some how, a kind of “pay it forward”, and introduce them to your network kind of thing. It’s all about relationship. So you can be yourself and relax.


When the event is over do three more things:

Your contact lists as soon as possible- don’t keep those business cards collecting dust in the drawer, enter the information into your electronic contact list (and remember to make sure you yourself are entered into it, as well, to send and to use).

For those whom you want to keep in touch with, but don’t have any specific plan, email them and thank them for talking with you. Leave it open for meeting, or suggest something if you like.

For those who you set up a meeting, call and confirm. You can email, too, of course, but a call is more personal. Remember, these are the people with whom you hope to start a business relationship or with whom you might partner in some way in the future. They are also people you enjoy.

Remember that follow-up is important for relationship, as well as for your business.

What’s next?

Practice makes better
I don’t think one ever gets perfect at this, but you do get better and hopefully learn to really enjoy your networking time. Keep practicing, keep learning, and set a goal of – one? or two? networking events a month to attend.

One of the best articles I have found on this topic is from the Entrepreneur:

Enjoy your networking, and should you want to visit my site:
Or join my group on LinkedIn:

Have a great rest of the week!
Patricia Jehle

Ferien! Holidays! Vacation!

July 26th, 2016

In Switzerland the word for this season is “Ferien” and it lasts at least until mid-August


Ferien means vacation, or for my British friends, holidays. It means no school for five weeks (in the Ticino it’s two months, though). It means family holidays away somewhere; days of endless swimming at beaches; camping; backpacking; biking; and whatever else your heart desires that the pocketbook can afford. I am almost there; how about you?


Take a vacation!

In the US most people only have two weeks of holidays. In Switzerland the law is a minimum of 4 and most people have at least six. I do like this about where I live, I like it a whole lot! Most researchers would tell you that two weeks of vacation is too little, but at least it’s something, as long as you take it. It is really important to have a change of pace, a change of rest. Have the words “break, rest, free-time, hobby, holiday, and vacation” taken on a fuzzy foreign-word feeling? This is not good.


Do you feel like you can’t take a vacation because nobody else can do your job, or at least do it the way you can? Also, this is really quite a problem, for you and for your company.


So, are you always thinking about work, even when you are on vacation, lying on a beach sipping a cool drink? Hmmm… Need I ask more? You really DO need a break:


Help for the business from your vacation

Being away from work can truly help you. You are able to rest; you can regenerate; you become more creative, once again. Some of our best business/work ideas come while day-dreaming, and that may come from a good long vacation for you. Nice, huh? If you don’t take a holiday, you may become like Jack, the proverbial dull boy. I can’t help but quote an article from the economist:


“All this “leaning in” is producing an epidemic of overwork, particularly in the United States. Americans now toil for eight-and-a-half hours a week more than they did in 1979. A survey last year by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that almost a third of working adults get six hours or less of sleep a night. Another survey last year by Good Technology, a provider of secure mobile systems for businesses, found that more than 80% of respondents continue to work after leaving the office, 69% cannot go to bed without checking their inbox and 38% routinely check their work e-mails at the dinner table.”



Your body, mind and soul need rest and regeneration for a better level of performance at work. Your soul needs it for your personal well-being. You are not a machine and you need “you time”.


Creative Regeneration

The best way to become more creative at work is to schedule thinking time. A vacation can do this, too, but maybe both is the bet way, since hopefully, your thinking on holiday is less directed, and more like day dreaming.


But… I can’t stop thinking about work!!!

Maybe you worry and obsess about work even when you are on holiday. Remember, you can set your own limits. Check your work Emails every second or third day? Or only once a week? And turn off your phone. Just do it. Also, remember to do something different, or that requires mental concentration. I have recently taken up rock balancing and find it very fun, challenging, and helpful for my body, mind and soul. Whatever it is, make it challenging enough that you can’t think about work.


Be sure your team takes a vacation, too

Model it: if you are the boss, MODEL what a good vacation looks like!

You team needs to see that you can take a break so they feel good about it. Remember, they need to be recharged and creative at work, too!


Prepare for it

Preparation is key, though. Be prepared so you can leave but also so you can look forward to it. One of the best things to do to make you happier is to plan a vacation. But make sure your job/business will not suffer while you are away.


I wrote about holidays last summer in July, and here is the link: For more fun reading on vacationing, look here:


So, get ready and then take that vacation. Just do it! For the next few weeks I will be away on holiday, so I have re-worked a few blogs that will be re-posted. Enjoy!


Happy summer,

Patricia Jehle

My new ad-VENTURE with The Alpha Group International

September 15th, 2015

Last week my eyes were opened to a world of new opportunity, for me, for my clients, for many others. In Bucharest I was trained to be a Regional Director of The Alpha Group (TAG, not the Alpha Course out of Holy Trinity Brompton). So here is an imaginary conversation about TAG, perhaps with you.

TAG logo 3

What is TAG?

According to the founder based in, it is the most effective method of business growth available for SMEs globally. It is, “Peer-to-peer mastermind advisory boards targeted at business owners and managers helping them continue to thrive and to make it to the “next level” wherever that may be for them.“


So who is it for?

SME owners or leaders, one per industry per board, simple as that. If you own or run a hotel, you are the only one allowed on your board so you don’t have to worry about competition. The board members commit themselves to helping the businesses of all board members grow and thus it is a real synergetic concept. Of course one must be open honest and keep all issues in “the board room”.


But I am not an SME owner.

Your clients may be SMEs and would benefit from such an advisory board. Thus, you could gain business value by referring your clients to TAG. Also, you may be interested in becoming a Regional Director (RD) yourself. I am currently recruiting RDs.


Why are you so excited about TAG?

SMEs are the backbone of an economy. In this way I am helping my local businesses, and therefore the local economy, succeed. This makes me very happy, indeed. Also, I am recruiting RDs who can do the same thing in their cities and regions, thus I am helping the general economy. The economy needs every little bit of help it can get, as we all know.


So, I am interested in more information. What is my next step?

Any way you call it, you need to contact me, either at or


Join The Alpha Group, double your business value in three years by motivating and inspiring you in exclusive board meetings; that’s the deal!