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Reflection Mondays

August 31st, 2015

Mondays are a day for me to reflect on the past week, especially when the weekend was somehow included and made it a package, not a bookend. Today, this is one of my tasks: reflect on last week and place it into perspective.


Part of last week’s story is not totally mine alone. A dear friend and neighbor died after a long hard illness on Thursday morning AND his daughter celebrated her wedding vows on the following Saturday afternoon. Both pieces of life were very emotional and energy consuming enough alone; yet this past week they were bound together. Life and death: past, present, future. But for me, as I am really only an on-looker to this drama, I feel the sadness, the joy, the anger and grief, the amazing freeing love of the family and stand amazed… What a great party on Saturday evening! It was truly a wonderful celebration! I am amazed, and recovering from the immense energy of raw emotion.



That dance of life and death would have already been enough for me to reflect on, but of course, there’s work and there are other activities in my life that made up my week. For example, I was part of a good, but not easy meeting that must continue as a conversation in the near future, to come to some decisions about the future direction of a program. Then there was the annual social/outdoor work event that took place in the wind and rain. That day was quite beneficial for body, mind, networking, and soul (it was fun); there were good conversations and great food, as usual. I saw people who I don’t usually get to see during regular working hours and I met a new co-worker or two. But the walking, wind and rain left me physically drained. I slept well that night, but awoke to very stiff muscles. I have been working on those muscles ever since.


Begin this week with some reflection

What do you do to begin your week? Do you look at your calendar and prepare mentally and physically for the days to come? Do you reflect on the previous week, on what you learned and experienced? Do you try and place all these activities, emotions and relationships into an integrated whole? Today I am doing these very things.


A rather important part of how I do my reflection is to look at my assumptions and decide if they are limiting me and if they are true. I thank Nancy Kline and her books, “Time to Think” and “More Time to Think” for the following ideas for you to consider.


Time to Think

So, here goes: What am I assuming that is stopping me (or the business) from moving forward? Do I think the assumption is true? What is true and liberating instead? If I knew that the true and liberating assumption is correct, how would I go forward?


For example (my own example, Nancy’s formula), I see that my customer/client base is shrinking. I suddenly have no idea as to the way to generate more growth. So, I ask myself, “What am I assuming that is stopping my thinking?” Then I might think, “I am assuming that nobody wants my product/service. After all, it’s new and why would they pay attention to it?” So then you think about this. Is there proof for this assumption? “Is it really true that nobody wants my service/product?” Then I would say, “Well, that’s a supposition, an assumption.” So, then I would ask myself, “If it is not true that nobody wants my product/service, what are my words for what is true and liberating—for a way out of this thinking?” Then I might think, “The market has been proven to be open and ready for the business and what I offer.” So, then I would ask myself, “If the market is open for our business and its products, what could I do about the customer base?” and then “What more could I do?” And so on…


I wish you a reflective, productive, and very liberating week!

Patricia Jehle