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Passion and you next smallest step

March 13th, 2017

Passion is a Business’ Perseverance’s Power


“Don’t ever Give up!”


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Recently I met up with an entrepreneur friend who has had her ups and downs since starting her business in Switzerland a few years ago; but she continues to follow her dream. “Don’t ever give up, just keep pushing towards your goal. There will be a break through; you will see the signs and then you just head towards those little lights.” She is right about following her dream, and her passion is the energy that gives her the perseverance needed to reach her goals.


When I think of start-ups and all the people who have managed to bring their ideas to fruition, I think of people who are passionate about their product, passionate about their clients and customers who will enjoy that product, and about their passion regarding their stakeholders who will also benefit from the product. These entrepreneurs are really on fire about what they are doing; they really have a dream. Here are some of my ideas about passion and how to use it for your advantage when starting a business.


You must be passionate about your idea to succeed


When writing your business plan, ask yourself if your idea really speaks to you as someone who might be a potential investor or stakeholder. How excited are you about it, because if you are not energized, how are you going to get potential investors and stakeholders on board? How is this product special and why are you the one that is the best person to do it? Finally, can you tell others about your product in a way that is clear and really gets that person excited, too? Can you create a buzz about it?


When the hard times come your passion will be your battery and recharge you and your anchor to keep you on track


Even with a passionate “elevator pitch”, there will often be days where the “no”s come. The passion that you have about your product and how (and why) it is fantastic is your energy supply when you have hard days. You must take it for granted that there will be hard days, but what keeps you, the start-up entrepreneur, going will be the energy found in the passion for your business idea, for your product. You should use that energy for the hard days so that you can reach the day when the ball gets rolling and the profits start coming in. Then there will be reserve energy and you can use that extra energy for a new idea to move you upward and onward without too much waste as you will be already moving instead of starting from zero. There will be less resistance o movement, then.


Your passion might be what separates you from the “losers”


In some cases, there may be others doing the same thing as you do. But your passion about your product might be the key to setting you apart from all the others. If you shine when it comes to passion and produce a great quality product, you will stand out, even if there are a hundred – or a thousand – doing just the same thing as you. You will find that people notice how you talk about what you do, and they will be happy to try your product.


Your business idea doesn’t have to be very original to be passionate about it. I have a niece living in Oregon who owns her own bookkeeping company. She works hard and is very passionate about what she does, and she is proud of her quality services to her clients. Because of this passion, and because she is very competent, she is excelling and business is booming. Passion is vital for a start-up.


So, what wakes you up in the morning and gets you out of bed? Use that energy to move onward and upward.


The SMALLEST Next Step to reach your goal is what to do TODAY


Today take the first smallest next step towards your goal. Thus I ask you, “What’s the next smallest step you can take? Is it the very smallest one?” Well, then take it and figure out the next smallest step and take that, too. And so on. Pretty soon you will be 1,000 steps farther than where you are today, but it starts with an action: a very small step. As my friend said, “Never give up” and I add just keep on taking those little steps!


Have a great week!


Patricia Jehle


ps: For those of you interested in what I do, I am a business coach focusing on SMEs and start-ups, but also on expat coaching. I have added OQM® (Organic Quality Management) Consulting to my pallet and would love to talk to you about how OQM® can help you move onward and upward with your team, division and company.